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Yes, Cedar Point is Great for Families With Small Children

A huge thank you to the folks at Cedar Point who invited my family to come for a courtesy visit in exchange for this promotional post.

Snoopy’s Space Race

I would have never thought to bring my two young children to Cedar Point until I became a part of the bloggers program.  Last year we visited for the first time and we all had a blast.  There is so much fun to be had at Cedar Point for everyone.

Each ride has height requirements.  I did notice that many rides stated that hand held infants are not allowed, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.  On both of our trips we brought a stroller, making things a bit easier. I don’t think we would bring it again for our 2.5 year old as last time we just walked around and parked it everywhere.  Plus staying on site made the whole trip even that much better.

I put together an infograph so you can see what rides are available for what heights.  Please keep in mind that I did my best to make sure this info was accurate.  I even called up Park Operations as there were a couple discrepancies between the website and what I remembered from our visit.  Please use this as a guide ONLY, as height requirements can change at any time, without notice.

Click on image for a larger view!! 

Overall we had a fantastic time at the park.  I highly recommend that you have your child officially measured at either Park Operations or the Town Hall Museum.  Your child will then receive a colored wristband that will make it easier (and quicker) when getting on the rides.

Check out Rosa and Carlyn on the Kite-Eating Tree:

The train was her favorite!

Also, Cedar Point offers two Family Care Centers in the park. One in Planet Snoopy near the front of the park and one near the entrance to Maverick in Frontiertown. The Family Care Centers are a convenient and comfortable location for baby changing and nursing, with private infant feeding areas. They are also great places to take a break from the park, get a glass of water and rest. All Family Care Centers are also First Aid station. I found the Family Care Centers to be a fantastic place to take a break and use the restroom too.  With Carlyn toilet training, it was nice to have a nice, spacious, quiet restroom to use.

You can find other Helpful Tips for Families on the Cedar Point Website, including info on Parent Swap, Family Friendly restaurants and more: 

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

Amber is the proud mother to four beautiful children, Damian (27), Rosaleigh (14), Carlyn (11), and Naomi (8). Her family also includes four cats. She loves being a stay-at-home mom and feels blessed to be able to care for her children full-time and provide them with so many opportunities through Metro Detroit Mommy. In addition to Metro Detroit Mommy, Amber has a passion for hosting karaoke with Malibu Entertainment.  She enjoys the metro Detroit nightlife especially, singing, dancing and meeting new people.