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Wreck it Ralph Costume Idea

I’m so excited that Ralph Breaks the Internet is coming to theaters in November.  Wouldn’t it be a fun Daddy/Daughter costume idea to dress up as Ralph and Vanellope for Halloween?  A couple of years ago Rosa dressed up as Vanellope. I put together some options for creating your own Wreck it Ralph Costume.  Our goal is to present items that you would use beyond the costume.  Although you can purchase the whole costume for about $100, why spend money on something you will never wear again.

I found this awesome orange plaid shirt on Amazon that would be perfect for a Wreck it Ralph Costume.

Ralph wears a green t-shirt under the plaid one.

 Here are some brown overalls to complete the look:

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RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET arrives in theatres everywhere on November 21st!