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If you are expecting a baby, this is the perfect time to start saving money for all the things you’ll need for your bundle of joy. But if you don’t know what you are looking for, your experience might be an overwhelming and scary one.

From buying the best cheap baby rocker to finding the right size of a cot, you will need to go through this list to know just what to look for in stores.

  • Consider Your Budget

Money is always significant when it comes to buying items; nailing down your budget is the first step to choosing what to buy for your baby. Without a proper budget, it would be easy for you to overspend or save too little. So, sit back and start running a check and balance on what you won’t need anymore.

  • Ask around

When you are pregnant, there’s a not-so-subtle urge to buy all the baby items you see because of how cute they will look on your baby. You need to calm that urge down and ask around from other mothers what you need to buy and what can wait till later.

  • Think Before You Purchase

Before you buy that baby product that is both big and expensive, think carefully about how you’d use it. Without thinking it through, you might end up buying an item you will use only twice.

  • Don’t Be Swayed

Despite what baby websites and salespeople tell you, you do not need to buy one of everything in the store. You need to narrow down your baby list to the most essential and helpful. You are the one having the baby, so you know what should be on your must-have list which should include a bouncy chair, a carrier, and a nursing pillow.

  • Baby Showers

Some expectant moms feel the pressure to buy everything with their money. But that doesn’t have to be the case as you can have a baby shower. A baby shower helps in reducing the number of essentials you will have to purchase and the number of trips to the store. You need to stop thinking of how bothersome it is to get family and friends to buy you a few baby things; you can get their help by throwing a baby shower.

  • Don’t Ignore Help from Loved Ones

There is a possibility that you will get offered a bunch of used items or clothes for your baby. Don’t even think of turning them down. If the pieces are well used, you will have something to take out of your list. Hand-me-downs help reduce a parent’s stress level because of the comfort in having a stash of items in their closet.

  • Research

It is also unavoidable that many people with good intentions will come to you with ideas on what you need to buy. While getting advice is excellent, you need to get into stores and markets to get a feel for baby products. Seeing things firsthand will go a long way in ensuring you get items that meet you and your baby’s needs.

  • Go for easy-on, easy-off outfits

Since your baby has no idea what a designer outfit is, you should look out for one-piece outfits that snap or zip up. You will most likely discover that the zippers will save you (or your loved one) the frustration of having to correctly put the snaps together when you’re sleep-deprived or in a rush. Most importantly, don’t overstock on onesies — it’s possible that you will get enough at your baby shower.

  • Double Up on the Diapers

Ensure that you have an extra diaper box filled with diaper supplies – diapers, wipes, and cream – placed into a corner of the living room. You should also consider stashing an extra changing pad behind the sofa.

  • Clothing

A newborn spends most of their days sleeping and eating. So when you go shopping for baby clothes, comfort is a priority. Keep in mind that babies also grow fast, so be sure not to buy too much for any age. Experts recommend 100% cotton where possible to reduce any reaction to combinations.

A Simple Checklist

  • Clothing – onesies, undershirts, pajamas, socks, booties, hats, mittens
  • Blankets – receiving, swaddling
  • Feeding – Feeding bottles, bibs
  • Diapering – changing bag, changing mat, diaper cream, wipes, diapers
  • Bath time – towels, soap, shampoo, sponge, baby bath
  • Bedtime – crib, mattress, mattress cover, bed sheet
  • Other – changing table, rocker, playpen, Moses basket
  • Transport – car seat, baby carrier
  • For Mum – nursing bra, nursing pads, nipple cream
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