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Water Safety Tips – British Swim School of Detroit Sponsored Post

Even though we’re still in the heart of this cold Michigan winter, I wanted to take a minute to talk about water safety and why this is the best time to take your kids to indoor swim lessons.

It’s been proven that swim lessons help immensely when it comes to keeping kids safe in the water.  By getting a child into the water during the winter months, they have the time to master those essential survival skills by the time summer months roll around. Whether you have a pool at your home or just can’t wait to spend a summer by the lake, being knowledgeable about water safety is important for kids of all ages. 

To help keep our kiddos safe, British Swim School of Detroit, the pioneer of a non-traditional infant water safety program that provides gentle and fun teaching methods to children as young as three months old, provided some tips for winter water safety:

  1. Pool Supervision –Whenever there are children near a body of water, whether it’s a beach on the Spring Break vacation or an uncovered backyard pool, an adult should always have eyes on the water. British Swim School recommends assigning a Water Watcher. Not unlike a designated driver, the Water Watcher is responsible for the safety of everyone. To help with this, they recommend utilizing a Water Watchers Card that can be passed on to another person. Whoever is holding the card is in charge of having both eyes on the kids in the water at all times.
  2. Unfamiliar Territory – Visiting your relative’s homes with children can be a struggle. Not every house is kiddo friendly, so it is important to scope out what might be hazardous right away. If the home has a pool or nearby pond or lake, make sure all gates and doors are locked to the outside and routinely check up on the little ones.
  3. Take Clothing Precautions- The only thing more terrifying for a child than falling into cold water, is falling in with their clothes on. This kind of rare sensation can send your little guys into panic mode. The best way to prepare for this kind of accident is to participate in Clothing Days with the British Swim School, where children are asked to get in the water with clothes on to understand how it feels to be in water with soaked clothing.
  4. Swimming Lessons Save the Day- Enrolling in swimming lessons is a key factor when it comes to keeping your kids safe in the water. Formal swimming lessons, like the ones offered at the  British Swim School, can reduce the risk of drowning by as much as 88% amongst children who between the ages of 1 to 4 years.

British Swim School of Detroit is located at 22022 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn, MI 48124. When you sign up for lessons, you get your first class free! To sign up or learn more about the program, please call 313-960-4141 or email at

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