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Veteran’s Memorial Park – St. Clair Shores


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If you are a resident of St. Clair Shores, be sure to visit Veteran’s Memorial Park.  The park offers many picnic areas, a great play ground, splash park, clean restrooms, beach and a fishing area.

We had the opportunity to visit when my friend, a St. Clair Shores resident, invited us to attend.

The park is at the end of Masonic, which is just east of Jefferson in St. Clair Shores.  You have to park on the northwest corner of Masonic and Jefferson and cross Jefferson to enter the park.  To gain entry you must have a pass or attend with someone with a resident’s pass.

We visited the splash pad first.  This area contains many different water features that spray water from different heights and with different flows making it suitable for most children.  It took a while for Evan and Rosa to venture away from me and explore, but they finally warmed up to the water and had a great time running through the various water sprays and jets.

The area is gated off from the rest of the park to keep the kids contained and has a timer that needs to be reset every few minutes to save on water when it is not in use.  The only suggestion for improvement would be to replace the concrete with a softer material.

We then checked out the playground.  There are so many great things for the kids to do.  There are two huge play structures with slides, steps and other features that give the kids lots of opportunities to play and explore.

In addition to the large play structures there were several smaller structures including a bouncing car, dinosaurs to climb, a rock wall tube, bouncing toys, regular swings, swings that can secure children up to about 100 pounds and more.

The children kept me busy for at least ninety minutes while they visited all the amazing equipment.

It was a great place to visit and we all had a grand time.

A special thank you to Wendy who invited us to the park.