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Twenty Random Acts of Joy

A smile, card or a bit of active listening could change the mental health outlook of a suffering person. Before someone walks into my office they have to at least feel motivated to get there. These small steps can inspire them to know that they are worthy of taking the time for therapy. We all have the potential to make someone healthier than they were before they interacted with us.
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20 ways to infuse joy into someone’s day:

1.) Smile at strangers.
2.) Listen intently after you say “How are you?”
3.) Nod your head when you pass someone.
4.) Hold the door open for the person behind you.
5.) Buy coffee for a stranger at the café.
6.) Write kind notes for your child’s teachers (even when it is not teacher appreciation day).
7.) Tip extra at restaurants.
8.) Send flowers to someone you care about just because.
9.) Make a bake sale at work and add $0.00 to all of the tags.
10.) Treat your child’s caregiver to lunch.
11.) Leave extra change in vending machines.
12.) Let someone go in front of you in line. 
13.) Offer to host a snack playdate with your child’s peers.
14.) Buy flowers for another mom.
15.) Make a phone call to tell someone they are special.
16.) Fill out a customer survey and add positive reviews.
17.) Walk a friend’s dog.
18.) Surprise your child with a treat.
19.) Create a kindness calendar.
20.) Make cards as a family for a children’s hospital.
Tara Michener
Author: Tara Michener