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Troy Gymnastics Parkour Training, Ninja Classes & Ninja Warrior Training

If your children are fans of American Ninja Warrior, like my kids are, then they will love the Ninja Warrior Training Grounds at Troy Gymnastics. Check out their Ninja Classes, drop in ninja gym as well as their parkour training.

Troy Gymnastics Ninja Classes in TG1

Troy Gymnastics in Troy, Michigan is currently comprised of four buildings within two campus locations. Troy Gymnastics offers Junior Ninja classes for children ages four and 5. Standard and advanced Ninja classes for children that are between the ages of five and eighteen. In addition to the ninja classes, they also offer parkour classes for students ages 5 to 18. If you don’t want to commit to a weekly class or if you want to get in some extra practice, then check out the drop in ninja sessions on Saturdays.

NWTG is specifically designed for kids. The focus is developing motor skills through mobility, balance, power, strength and endurance. We want to create a strong mind and body through fitness in a fun and safe manner. By learning new obstacles it helps athletes develop a positive mindset towards themselves and others. Setting and achieving goals will help boost their self-confidence and self-worth. – Troy Gymnastics Ninja Warrior Training

Junior Ninja Classes at Troy Gymnastics

These 45 minute classes are perfect for children ages four and five who are just starting. The classes are co-ed and held in TG1. The students spend twenty minutes in the gym as well as 20 minutes in the ninja room.

Troy Gymnastics Ninja Warrior Training Ground

Ninja Classes at Troy Gymnastics

Ninja students develop their motor skills through this training. During the 55 minute class students work on mobility, balance, power, strength as well as endurance. The class is split with 25 minutes in the TG1 gym together with 25 minutes in the ninja room.

Ninja Classes at Troy Gymnastics

Parkour Classes at Troy Gymnastics

We are so thrilled that Troy Gymnastics will be adding brand new parkour classes in TG4. The space is still under construction. Check their website for updates regarding class offerings and times.

Construction in TG4 Parkour at Troy Gymnastics

Drop in Ninja

One hour drop in ninja classes are available every Saturday at Troy Gymnastics. Perfect for children ages five and up, students can work on a specific skill or try out the room to see if classes might be a good fit.

Rock wall in the Warrior Training Grounds at Troy Gymnastics

Connect with Troy Gymnastics

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Get the inside scoop on the open gym session at Troy Gymnastics.
Troy Gymnastics offers open gym seven days a week across three different gyms. Includes a wide variety of activities for ages 12 months to 23 years.

Check out the amazing Munchkin Ropes Course at Troy Gymnastics.

Ninja Classes at Troy Gymnastics

Find other fun places to play in Troy. Like the Storybook Trail in Troy at Raintree Park. Or maybe you want to check out the brand new Kura Sushi Restaurant. This Japanese chain delivers sushi to customers on conveyers belts, aka sushi trains.

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