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Troy Gymnastics’ Ninja Warrior Training

My boys are huge fans of American Ninja Warrior. I don’t know if it’s the jumping or the climbing or the insanity of it, but whatever it is, they love watching it.

My oldest has been doing various forms of martial arts off and on for the past few years. We were recently looking for a new style to try (he hasn’t found one he’s in love with yet) when a friend told me about this new class at Troy Gymnastics – Ninja Warrior Training. As soon as I heard about it, I had to sign my youngest up. The kid doesn’t stop climbing, and has even started climbing the walls…literally. My oldest was also interested, but was a bit more nervous about it – he’s not the most athletic.

NWTG is specifically designed for kids. The focus is developing motor skills through mobility, balance, power, strength and endurance. We want to create a strong mind and body through fitness in a fun and safe manner. By learning new obstacles it helps athletes develop a positive mindset towards themselves and others. Setting and achieving goals will help boost their self-confidence and self-worth. – Ninja Warrior Training

I have to say, both of my boys have been doing the Ninja Warrior Training and they are loving it. My oldest was worried about needing too much help or not being able to do what everyone else was doing, but the instructors have been fabulous. They’ve been helping him build his confidence all while getting him conditioned. They are still learning the various obstacles that are set up, and there are quite a bit, but they’re having fun. Every week they get bummed that they can’t come back to class the next day.

As a parent who has been doing the martial arts class up to this point, I am loving this class for them. A lot of the key goals are similar with martial arts, but to be completely honest, after an hour of Ninja Warrior Training, the boys are sweaty and look like they have been working hard. I haven’t always been able to say that after a martial arts class. Add in the fact that the pricing is quite reasonable, and lower than martial arts, I am one happy parent.

The classes are also broken down by age group, so the boys are also training with others their age. If you’re worried about fitting it into your schedule, don’t be. If you have to miss a class, you can reschedule (up to 2) the missed class – and there’s plenty to choose from.

If Ninja Warrior Training is something your child might be interested in, then I would give Troy Gymnastics a call (248) 816-8496 or you can even email them at: havefun @troygymnastics.com. If you want to see more, then check this out: