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Train-Lovers Playground: David H. Shepherd Park in Oak Park

If you have a young child that loves trains, then you will want to check out David H. Shepherd Park in Oak Park. The 56.8 acre park is home to an amazing wooden train along with two play structures, swings, as well as other play elements.

David H. Shepherd Park in Oak Park train

David H. Shepherd Park in Oak Park Location and Hours

This Oak Park playground is located at 24198 Church Street, west of Coolidge Highway, on the north side of Oak Park boulevard (9 1/2 mile). The park is open daily from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm.

David H. Shepherd Park in Oak Park sign

Park Amenities

David H. Shepherd Playground

The park consists of several different play elements spread throughout the park. The most popular being the giant wooden train. Children can also enjoy pretending to drive a giant wooden truck.

Wooden truck

If you have younger children, then check out the toddler play area with a smaller structure and a play ship.

toddler playground in oak park

There is also a large play structure with plenty of space to climb, jump, and slide.

play structure at Shepherd's playground

Finally, guests can enjoy a few traditional swings and baby bucket swings.

swings at David H. Shepherd Park in Oak Park

Winter Fun at Shepherd Park

In the winter months guests can enjoy Hamilton Hill as well as an indoor ice rink. Both are located behind the Oak Park Community Center, near the baseball fields. The hill is great for neighborhood families, but I wouldn’t drive too far out of your way to visit.

Outdoor Activities

In addition to the amazing playground, Shepherd Park offers plenty of sports fields. Guests can enjoy basketball, baseball, tennis, nature paths and a walking trail. In the summer months, families can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool.

restrooms and pavilion

Park-goers may also enjoy a picnic. The park is home to grills, picnic tables, as well as several pavilions.

Finally, families will be pleased to know that this park has seasonal indoor restrooms as well as a drinking fountain.

Shepherd Park in Royal Oak Overview

  • Play Elements: a toddler structure, play structure, giant wooden train, wooden truck, wooden ship, together with 4 play tires and tunnels.
  • Swings: standard swings, as well baby bucket swings.
  • Surface: grass an also wood chips
  • Unique Features: giant wooden play elements.
  • Bathrooms: yes, however they are seasonal.
  • Drinking Fountain: yes.
  • Shade: yes.
  • Pavilion:  yes.
  • Picnic Tables: Yes.
  • Grills: yes.
  • Sports Fields: Tennis, basketball, baseball, outdoor swimming pool as well as indoor ice skating.
  • Walking Trails: paved
  • Parking: paved lot parking
  • Tot Play Structure: yes.
  • Fenced in: no
  • Seating: several benches within proximity of the play elements.

Connect with Oak Park

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Other Parks with Playgrounds in Oak Park

Neighborhood and Community Parks

  • Harding Park – 26400 block of Harding St. 2-acre park with several play elements including two play structures and also swings.
  • David H. Shepherd Park – 24198 block of Church Street. The largest park within Oak Park hosts several play structures including a large wooden train and toddler play structures. Sports fans can enjoy basketball, baseball, tennis, indoor ice skating, outdoor pool and also a paved walking trail. The 56.8 acre park also hosts several pavilions, grills and picnic tables.
  • Charlotte M. Rothstein Park 25308 block of Church Street. This 7.2 acre park features a wheelchair accessible concert stage in addition to a lighted paved path. Guests can also enjoy a play structure and vita course.

Smaller Parks/School Adjacent Playgrounds

  • Best Park – 24300 block of Roanoke Ave. 3.7 acre park with swings as well as a large play structure. Sports fields include tee ball, basketball and tennis.
  • Dewey Park – 21600 block of Stratford St. This 6.7-acre park hosts monkey bars in addition to a play structure and swings. Sports fields include a ball field and also basketball.
  • Jackson Park – 23400 block of Rosewood Ave. This 5.3 acre park is adjacent to Jackson Middle School. The play area includes monkey bars as well as a small play structure and two swing sets.
  • Lessenger School – 23400 block of Rosewood Ave. 7.3 acre park with a play structure as well as a picnic area. Sports fields include baseball, basketball as well a two soccer goals.
  • Tyler Park – 14450 block of Manhattan Street. This 3.7 acre park is home to swings as well as a large play structure. Guests can also enjoy a baseball field, soccer goals and also a smaller sledding hill.
  • Victoria Park – 25308 block of Church St. this 3.7 acre park is home to swings as well as a large play structure. Guests can also enjoy basketball, tennis and tee ball.
  • Einstein School -14001 Northend Ave. Small elementary school playground.
  • Pepper School – 24301 Church St. Small Elementary Playground
  • Seneca Pocket Park
  • Sherman Pocket Park