Top Ten Car-Payment-Free Fantasies Revealed #90DayNoPay – Giveaway


As a working Mom who gladly drove hand-me-down cars through her twenties, the first time I drove away in a brand new car off the lot was surreal.  I drove away wondering if the dealership was going to call me and say, “We changed our minds when we realized how much your Masters Degree loan is for, so please bring it back.”  Each month when my iPhone calendar reminds me of the autopay deduction, I find myself wondering what else I’d do with that cash. In talking with other working moms, they too fantasize about the extra $300 a month they could put to good use in a car payment free dream world.

Cornerstone Community Financial Credit Union has sponsored this post so we can share this great opportunity and giveaway with you.

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So, after far too much coffee talk while daydreaming, here are my top 10 fantasies of 3 months car payment free revealed:

1. Take a family trip to Niagara Falls!  This might cost all three month’s payments combined, but who wouldn’t love to share a beautiful natural wonder of the world with their family without breaking the bank!?  Niagara Falls is both romantic for an adults-only get-away and exciting for children of all ages!  I mean, you can take a boat tour right down to feel the falls misting your face and then hit the Hard Rock Cafe for a rock and roll dinner surrounded by classic memorabilia.  Two amazing attractions, all in one great place less than 5 hours away from most spots in Metro Detroit! Tours run year round and can be joined from either the Canadian or the US “side!” In fact, some tours offer seeing the falls from both locations- sounds like an international cruise to me!

If Niagara Falls isn’t on your agenda, take a look at these other ideas to spend the money you’d save in a car-payment-free world!2. Manicures, pedicures, and hair care, oh my!

3. Kalahari weekend trip.  The Mama who shared this idea has a family of 6 and counting so you can imagine what a trip to a water park can cost!

4. Put it in the bank and save it…boring, but hey savings accounts need love too.

5. Make extra payments on a student loan. Refer to the second half of #4.

6. Pay off credit card debt or pay bills ahead of time…are we seeing a trend here? BACK TO THE FUN!

7. Buy Tieks.  Fuchsia ones, specifically and then the patent emerald green or maybe the glitter. The dreamy supposedly comfortable whimsical flat everyone seems to have besides me…and now I’m wondering if I had them, would I even really need a car?

8. Sit front row at a concert. I once paid over $400 to meet my idol, Pat Benatar. Worth. Every. Penny. I can’t always afford to meet and greet, let alone sit front row, but we’re fantasizing about having extra cash and we all deserve to be front row at least once in our lives.

9. Go grocery shopping without thinking of sale prices, coupons or 10 for $10 deals.

10. Shopping spree!  Buy all the clothes without the guilt that we should have done what is mentioned in numbers 4-6.  After all, we’re fantasizing, right?

What would you if you didn’t need to make an auto loan payment for ninety days?  Please leave a comment below,  like CCF Credit Union on Facebook, then use the form to enter for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card from Cornerstone Community Financial Credit Union.  Apply for their 90 days – No Payment Auto Loan Program today.


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