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Top 10 Game of Thrones Baby Names

William Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” Well, ask any parent that question and they just may have a few answers to share!  2012 brought us baby names like “Blue Ivy” and in 2013, we were introduced to “North West.” Just before these famous babes were dubbed, pop culture was forever transformed as Game of Thrones entered the media scene.  The distinctive character names in the Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones inspired a shocking trend in character names since the show’s 2011 conception.  According to a study by, the character name “Arya” was used 457% more times in 2017 than in 2011! Names like “Renly” and “Theon” had no place in any baby names list prior to Game of Thrones birthing their name-fame.  See what deems as the the top 10 Game of Thrones character baby names:

Arya (Stark): Combines Arya or Aria
2011: 387
2017: 2,156 Overall: 50,060

Emilia (Clarke):
2011: 972
2017: 3,581  Overall: 31,873

2011: 28
2017: 456 Overall: 1,964

Maisie (Williams) (Plays Arya)
2011: 138
2017: 594 Overall: 5,308

Meera (Reed)
2011: 80
2017: 182 Overall: 2,636

Daenerys (Targaryen)
2011: 0
2017: 110 Overall: 468

Tyrion (Lannister)
2011: 18
2017: 55 Overall: 482

Theon (Greyjoy)
2011: 0
2017: 23 Overall: 236

2011: 78
2017: 76 (Peaked in 2015 to 129) Overall: 5,251

Renly (Baratheon)
2011: 0
2017: 67 Overall: 164

Carissa Orr
Author: Carissa Orr

Early Childhood Professional, “Music with Ms. Carissa,” Mama, and now blogger thanks to MDM! Carissa works as an Early Childhood Consultant for Michigan’s state-funded Preschool Program, the Great Start Readiness Program.  In her spare time, she entertains children and families with live music as part of her Music with Ms. Carissa.  Most importantly, she is “Jack’s Mom” and loves adventuring with her young toddler all around Metro Detroit!