Too Many Toys: Holiday Gift Ideas For Children

It’s the time of year when many of us are thinking about what we’ll be gifting to our littlest loved ones! It can also be stressful as you consider how you want to spend your money and wanting to give a gift that is thoughtful and tailored toward whoever will be receiving it.

As a parent, it can also be a time to consider purging your child’s current toys.  Often time items in gently used condition that are no longer used can be donated to charities, schools, or daycare centers and is a great opportunity to talk to kids about gratitude and helping others.  Reducing clutter makes it easier for kids to keep their rooms clean and of course helps to make room for any new gifts that they may receive this holiday season!

Another thing to consider when giving gifts this holiday is that children, especially young kids, can be overwhelmed when they receive too much.  They don’t know what to do with too many choices, and often toys that were given with loving intentions get ignored because they are one of many.

If you’re stumped for ideas on what to gift or maybe need some inspiration for when friends and family ask what your child would like, here are some options that are both fun AND aren’t toys!

No Box Gift Ideas: Check out our list of great ideas that won’t take up a ton of space in your home: No Box Gift Giving Ideas for Children

Gear – Is your kid already involved in an
activity? Maybe they need new equipment! Balls, shoes, gloves, skates, or boots make great gifts!

Art & Craft Supplies – Crayons, Pencils, Paper, Paint, Brushes, or Craft Kits are fun and always a great idea.

Snacks – Consumables make great gifts because they don’t take up space for very long!  Kids love snacks, and this can also be a great budget friendly or DIY choice.  You can make and gift cookies, snack mix, seasoned
crackers, popcorn, etc.  Beef Jerky, chocolate, dried fruits, fruit leather, are also kid friendly and fun ideas – and make great stocking stuffers too!  Be sure to keep in mind any allergies when gifting food/snacks.

Needs – Textiles, bedding,
furniture, or bedroom upgrades like a new paint job, rug, or
beanbag are gifts that will last for a long time and are especially appreciated by older kids. Nice clothes and shoes or a watch are especially great for tweens and teens.

Your Time – Give the gift of your time!  Kids love spending a day or evening with their favorite people – sharing
an ice cream, a meal, or watching a movie. This is especially nice for kids with siblings, as one on one time and having the full attention of someone they love is often hard to come by.

A Getaway – A day trip or overnight, kids like to get away from it all just like we do! A one
night stay in a local hotel can be an exciting option, just order a pizza
and hit the pool! There are also great family
destinations within a few hours drive like Great Wolf Lodge, Kalahari, Avalanche Bay, Castaway Bay, Zehnder’s Splash Village & Double JJ Ranch.

Books – You can’t go wrong giving books and encouraging a child to read! Owl Crate and Gift Lit are subscription options so that your gift can be stretched out over time!

What is on your Christmas List this year?  We would love to hear from you!

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