Toledo Zoo’s Oldest Resident: Galapagos Tortoise Feed and Encounter

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Photo Credit: Amber Louchart

Last month we celebrated Carlyn and Naomi’s birthday with a visit to the Toledo Zoo. Our admission along with the Galapagos Tortoise Feed and Encounter was covered by the zoo to facilitate this article. All opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

Galapagos Tortoise Feed and Encounter

Meet Emerson, a Galapagos Tortoise with a ton of personality. He’s over 400 pounds and zookeepers estimate that he is over 100 years old. I’m not really a fan of reptiles or amphibians, however, after just a few minutes, Emerson won me over. He loves people and the camera. Can you see him saying “cheese” in the picture below? The girls really loved spending time with him, inside his habitat.

Galapagos Tortoise Feed and Encounter

During the Galapagos Tortoise Feed and Encounter, our guide was full of great information. He shared info not only about the tortoises but also about the zoo itself and the history of the animals and buildings.

Three Baby Tortoises

Our second stop during the Galapagos Tortoise Feed and Encounter brought us to three baby Galapagos Tortoises, and the opportunity to feed these little guys.

Galapagos Tortoise Feed and Encounter

At the present time, the baby tortoises live within Nature’s Neighborhood. This used to be the boat exhibit. When they are big enough, they will join Emerson in his exhibit behind Ziem’s Conservatory.

The website lists the tour as a 30-minute experience however, our tour lasted at least an hour. They allow a maximum of six guests on this tour. Guests participating in the tour must be five years of age or older. The Galapagos Tortoise Feed and Encounter is available weekly on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10:15 a.m. It is important to realize that the zoo opens at 10 a.m., so you will want to ensure you are in line before 10 so you can zip to the back of the park for the tour. Alternatively, you can use the Broadway Parking lot (Temporarily Closed).

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