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Tips for Finding the Best Boot Horn for You

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Whether you are a new mommy or have multiple children, finding new ways to make life easier is probably a priority for you. Boot horns are generally made to help slip your heel into your boots quickly and easily. Boot horns can also prolong the life of your boots without disfiguring the shape of them or stretching them. Some things you may want to consider when shopping for a boot horn is the material it is made from, the shape of the boot horn, and the length of the boot horn.
The materials a boot horn is made of will usually consist of stainless steel, plastic, and wood. Many years ago boot horns were made of fine materials such as ivory, bone, and silver but today’s materials are probably much more conventional for you. Wood boot horns are likely difficult to travel with, especially if you are wanting a long handle. Stainless steel boot horns will probably be very durable and smooth. Plastic boot horns can be more flexible. You should try to choose the material that is most comfortable for you.
Weight can be an important factor to consider if you are weak or want a boot horn for traveling. Stainless steel and wood boot horns will likely be the heaviest while plastic may be a better choice. You most likely want the lightest one you can find it you are packing to travel. A lighter boot horn will likely be easier on your arm and wrist as well.
The handle could also have an effect on the weight of your boot horn. You will likely want a handle that assists you best with grip and comfort without slipping from your grasp. A handle that is too heavy could take the comfort and ease out of using your boot horn. When using your boot horn you likely want to avoid any injury possible and a handle could also assist with that.
The paddles portion of your boot horn will likely have a distinct shape. You should choose a shape that will comfortably fit the width of your foot. If you have narrow heels a wide paddle boot horn could hinder you more than help you. It could also inadvertently stretch the heel portion of your boots and if you have narrow heels that could cause your heel to start slipping when you wear your boots after extended use of the boot horn. You should still try to pick one that is wide enough to slip your foot down into your boot without any struggle.
How tall you are can play a factor when deciding which length you may need. If you are short you probably don’t want to have a handle that is too long or it could impede you putting your boots on at all. If you are tall you will want to try to choose a handle that is long enough for you to use comfortably while standing. There are collapsible boot horn handles that could benefit anyone in your family instead of having too many boot horns. Collapsible boot horns can also benefit you if you will be traveling as it may be much easier to pack.

If you have a newborn or toddler you may only have one hand free at times when you are trying to get dressed and a boot horn could greatly assist you with that. Boot horns can prevent you from having to bend over while slipping feet into shoes and that can be particularly helpful if you are healing from a cesarean surgery. A boot horn can also help you avoid straining your already aching back and help you avoid putting too much additional pressure on your knees. Shoe horns are also great if you have mobility difficulties. Some boot horns even have loops to hang them up with for when you are finished with them and to easily tuck them away out of sight or out of your little one’s reach.