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Tiny Town Play Lounge

Tiny Town Play Lounge is located on Haggerty in the Haggerty Five Gateway Center right next to Jets Pizza.  This play center is designed to unite parents and children in creative play where imagination is key.  While designed for children under the age of 6, older children can enjoy this facility, as long as they are willing to be creative and pretend. Parents and children are required to remove their shoes and wear socks.  Cubbie space is provided near the entrance to place shoes and coats during your stay.

The play space is designed like a little town.

Tiny Town features a courtyard/park with a trampoline, helicopter, and climber to facilitate large motor skills/movement, a black light room with chalkboards and glow in the dark chalk, a veterinarian’s office with x ray machines, pretend animlas and other tools of the trade, a grocery store with tons of food, register and shopping carts, a beauty shop, a theater with flashing lights, costumes and instruments, a transportation and construction area, plenty of cars to drive, an infant park and more.

There is plenty of comfy seating for the adults in the parent lounge, where there are also two large screen televisions and wifi access.

Tiny Town also serves many snacks and beverages at reasonable prices, in case you or your little one need some nourishment.  Playing is hard work!!  

Finally the boutique sells a variety of toys and jewelry.

Rosa and I had a grand time during our visit.  She especially enjoyed playing the drums and jumping on the trampoline.  A great surprise came when the bubble blower started. Many children were delighted to see so many bubbles.

You can see more images of Tiny Town in our Gallery, visit Tiny Town online or on Facebook.