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Three Ways to Keep Kids Active Into Their Teens

As technology continues to advance, it has become more and more difficult for parents to unplug their children from the electronic world.  With distractions like cell phones, laptops, television and video games, it is easy for kids to lose themselves in the lure of today’s gadgets. Is there any hope for parents trying to tear kids away from their screens?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. By engaging kids in recreational activities early, parents can worry less about having future couch potatoes in the family. Here are a few ideas to help your kids embrace an active lifestyle.

  1. Take fitness classes together. There are a wide variety of fitness classes you can find online and take part in as a family. GoNoodleSworkit and The Kids Coach have a lot of great activities to get you started.
  2. Encourage participation in sports. Kids who play sports are more likely to be active as adults. Finding the right fit is important. Some kids might enjoy the social aspects of belonging to a large team, while others might find that solo activities such as swimming or gymnastics are more their speed.
  3.  Set an example. As a parent or caretaker, you hold great influence over what your child thinks is important. The choices you make when it comes to working out and eating well will guide your children’s behaviors well into their future. Set an example your kids can aspire to that will set them up for a healthy life.

Electronics are here to stay, but an active lifestyle will help counteract some of their most negative effects. Kids are more likely to stick with activities they enjoy, so find activities that balances fitness and fun equally.


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