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Three Quick At Home Winter Workouts

Winter months can be tough to fit in workouts, especially during the holidays.  You don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need a home gym and you don’t even need a video.  All you need is 10-15 minutes (or more if you have it) and some motivation!

Remember, ten minutes is better than nothing if you are short on time.  December I am often so busy, I may do ten minutes in the morning, ten mid-afternoon for a pick me up and ten in the evening while watching TV.  Because I like to do full-body workouts and make sure I am strengthening different muscles each day, I switch up what I do.  Here are a few workouts I love:

**Note, some of these exercise moves you can add/use weights in your hands, they will be starred.  If you can work 2 body parts at once, you’ll burn more calories and save time!**

Full Body:
30 Squats*
15 Push Ups
30 Crunches*
15 Burpees
30 Alternating Leg Lunges*
1 Minute Plank
1 Minute Jumping Jacks
30 Seconds Bicycle Crunches
30 Alternating Side Lunges*
1 Minute Running in Place*
15 Sit Ups
30 Second increments of each
Traditional Crunches
Toes in the air, Toe Touches, Alternating arms/side
Leg Raises 
Oblique Crunches Right Side
Oblique Crunches Left Side
Bicycle Crunches
Side Plank Dips Right Side
Side Plank Dips Left Side
Flutter Kicks
Scissor Kicks
1 Minute Plank
1 Minute Increments of each
Jogging in Place
Jumping Jacks
High Knees
Mountain Climbers
Boxing-Straight Punches
Squat Jumps
Plank Moguls
“Jump Rope”
If there are any moves you are not familiar with, YouTube and Google will pull up a description or video for you.  You will also find on YouTube a lot of quick workouts you can do right from home.  

Theresa W
Author: Theresa W

Theresa is a wife and stay at home mother of 2 boys, David (13) and Aiden (10). Her hobbies include traveling, reading, running, cooking and volunteering at MI Humane Society with the adoptable cats. She also spends her free time serving as PTO President at her son's elementary school. She enjoys being active and is proud to have completed 4 marathons. She loves to share her passion for health and fitness with others.