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Three Amazing New Urvi Pillows – Practical for Families

We were recently sent some Urvi pillows to review. They are soft, comfortable and safe for the planet! What I liked most about them were their varying shapes and thickness. There is bound to be a pillow for everyone in your family. Made of a highly resistant memory foam, the pillows offer support in all the right places. Whether sleeping, relaxing, or doing yoga, the Urvi pillows will definitely be a welcome addition to your home.

About Urvi Pillows

The team at Urvi has over 50 years of experience in product design and developement. They offer a wide range of specialty and sleep pillows to suit the needs of every family. The pillows come all the way from India and are designed to help you find calm and peace in your mind, body and soul. Urvi Pillows are made from materials that are not only safe for you, but also safe for the planet.

Tasneem, our photographer said that if you like memory foam pillows, then these are a great choice for you. Especially if you find that traditional pillows do not meet your needs for heights. The thin pillow is super thin, while the three-layer pillow offers a maximum height beyond that of most traditional pillows.

Three Urvi Pillows
Urvi Pillows Comparison
Urvi Pillows

Ultra Thin Pillow

The Ultra Thin Pillow is great people with lower back pain. It can also be useful for children or people with smaller body frames. Purchase on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

ultra thin pillow

The Ultra Thin pillow is a single piece of 100% memory foam iwth no filler foam. It’s non-toxic as well as eco-friendly, making it perfect for kids. In the summer, you will enjoy the advanced cooling features that subtly moves excess heat away from your body. While this pillow is ideal for any sleep position, it is also great for yoga, traveling as well as a floor pillow.

Three Layer Adjustable Pillow

The three layer adjustable pillow is perfect for the person who needs to adjust the height of their pillow. It comes with three inserts so you can adjust the height of the pillow to find the right height for back, stomach or side sleep. Like the Ultra thin sleep pillow, the Three Layer Adjustable pillow is crafted with 100% memory foam. The cover is machine washabe. Purchase on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Three Layer Adustable Pillow
Urvi Pillows

Bolster Pillow

The Bolster pillow is good for yoga and meditation as well as massage therapy. This is a great pillow for lumbar support. The pillow is designed to proivde proper sleep posture that will relieve pain from poor spinal alignment. Made with 100% memory foam, it has a machine washable cover. Purchase on Amazon (Affiliate Link)

bolster pillow
Urvi Boster Pillows

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