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They Like to Move It (Move It)!

Have you ever noticed how young children just love to move? I remember when my twin girls would run in different directions, roll down a hill, twirl around, get dizzy, and jump up and down until they were exhausted. Part of me wanted to scream, but I knew that just like reading and math, movement plays an important role in a child’s development.

In fact, 98% of a child’s brain develops in the first 6 years and physical movement plays a vital role in brain development. This means we can’t afford to waste any time!

There are several benefits to movement activities including developing large motor skills, increasing confidence, developing social skills, improving mood, physical exercise, and better memory! Learn more from Early Childhood Movement advocate Rae Pica.

So, when we see children moving we should join them! Let’s help our children develop. We can build better brains. Let’s Move It! Move It! Move It! If you need ideas, follow us on facebook and check out this resource.

Guest Blogger: Rhonda Walker, Early Childhood Consultant at Wayne RESA