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The Magic of the Holidays at Santa’s Wonderland Bass Pro Shops

The holiday season is in full force here in Michigan, the crisp wintery air, colorful light displays; it’s all so wonderful and cheery! Recently we have been enjoying Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops located within the Great Lakes Crossing Outlet mall here in Auburn Hills.

Kids get to enjoy the magic of the holiday season in full force with free crafts, games, activities, writing letters to Santa, and even a free photo with Santa. Santa’s Wonderland is filled with activities fit for all ages.

Kids were enjoying the gaming station where kids can play some video games that related to outdoors activities and recreational fun which is what Bass Pro is renowned for. Other games included a Laser Arcade, a foam shooting gallery, a remote control truck driving area, and even an open play dirt box with trucks. This was so much fun for my kids because they were exposed to games and activities that I, otherwise, would probably not think to let them try.

They also set up a table for building with Lincoln Logs and Crayola Building blocks for kids like mine who enjoy designing and constructing more than getting down and dirty, even though they did love the remote control trucks! Honestly, there was something for everyone, every type of child, and every type of hobby and that’s what I love most about this event.

Children are also given the chance to make a festive craft in store or to take home. We colored a wooden Christmas puzzle to take home, and the next week we made a felt gingerbread house. They have coloring pages and crayons laid out for kids that want to color while their parents wait in line to meet Santa! So icing on the cake is the free photo op with Santa that they provide.

All that is required is a “Bass Pass” which is free and provides a time slot to see Santa, allowing you to explore Santa’s Wonderland or shop the store while waiting in a virtual line. Simply visit the Bass Pass ticket depot, which is a small window where one of Santa’s helpers are passing out the passes and request an allotted time slot.

After the photo, Santa takes the time to talk to the kids and the kids are given a candy cane and a toy plush to take home! It’s great that the toy plush and crafts change every week so there is always something new to look forward to.

The event is set up from 5PM-7PM every weekday and from noon until 5 PM on the weekends throughout December 23rd. The free games and activities are available from close to open, only the pictures and special craft are saved for that allotted time. The last day to participate in all of the fun is on Christmas Eve where the free photo with Santa is available from 10am-5PM, and the free craft is available from 3PM-5PM.
Enjoy all the fun while you can! Your kids are sure to have a blast.

Tasneem Bhuiyan
Author: Tasneem Bhuiyan

Hi! I am a Muslim American-Bangladeshi wife and stay at home mommy of twin girls. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas. I moved to the Detroit area, more specifically Auburn Hills about a year and a half ago from Dallas, Texas and have been enjoying all that I can that the city has to offer. I love spending time with my two girls exposing them to various activities and fun to make them well rounded Muslim American Bangladeshis! Follow my personal Instagram @tazzybe3 to catch a glimpse of the twins' daily adventures and navigating my life with 2 sassy toddlers!