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The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield

The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield is a great destination for active families that like to have fun outdoors.  My friend, Megan, and I had the pleasure of experiencing the treetops adventure last week as guests of the park.

The address to the park is 6600 West Maple Road West Bloomfield Township.  You can reach The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield  by phone: 248-419-1550 or email:

So here is the scoop:  It is behind the Jewish Community Center.  All the way in the back.  So as you pull around all the buildings after your GPS takes you to the JCC, keep going and follow the signs, yup keep going, a little bit further, yes you are going the right way… keep going.  OK, you are there.  See the playgrounds, (no that isn’t the park) the entrance is right there.

Here is a map to help, yes I got lost!  I am horrible with directions.  This is the intersection of Maple (15 Mile) and Drake.

So after you park your car, you will see a playground, head for the playground and before you get to the playground is a trailer which is the office.  You will need to stop in the office to pay, sign a waiver, and get your tickets.

I love technology.  You can use the nifty I-pads to sign your waiver.  Or save some time and sign it now: (or any time before you get there) online:

After signing the waiver, you can get your equipment (harness and gloves) and then watch (and participate) in the briefing.

So after watching a demo and learning all about the equipment (hey, pay attention so you don’t look like a dufus up in the trees asking, “uh what do I do?” while a line grows behind you) you get to do a practice course which is close to the ground and includes a mini zip line.  (Go Megan Go).

Now you are ready to pick your course.

So basically, I will summarize.  If you don’t want to work and still have fun, pick the purple, green and yellow.  Once you hit blue you will be challenged physically and your balance will be tested.

Here are the courses available:
Purple: Cricket & *Firefly Yellow: *Sunshine & Sunflower  Green: *Mountain Trail & Forest Run Blue: *Waterfall & Rip Tide  Black: Black Storm & Commando  * denotes the courses we experienced.  

Ready, set, GO!!!!  

First we tried the yellow course, Sunshine. It was easy enough.  It was a ton of fun with some interesting elements.  After finishing we thought, that was easy, let’s try green and off to Mountain Trail we went.  There really wasn’t any more of a challenge in my eyes, just taller elements and since heights don’t bother me much I was okay.

So, full of confidence and having a blast we decided to dive right into Waterfall, the blue course.  Let me tell you, this is not a tiny step up in difficulty.  It is quite a leap.  After the first couple obstacles my arms were sore.  Keeping my balance was difficult, but I finished the first half and made it to the “escape route” before the real craziness occurred.  This is where Megan continued on, and I went to go get my camera.  

So, there is a rope you hold onto and basically glide along to a cargo net that you climb.  And that is just the beginning of the obstacles.  The course ends with a counterbalance fall by just a guide wire off the platform.  It gently lowers you down, but it is a bit scary.  And I say this as a bystander, I didn’t do it (but I want to.)

Finally we decided to take it easy for our last course and we did a purple one, Firefly.  This was was very easy and rather low to the ground.  Here is me on the zip line, right before I was nipped in the rear by some plant life.

Overall we had a most fantastic time at The Adventure Park.  We are looking forward to going back.  Next time I will be bringing Rosa! I simply love the fact that the park does everything in their power to preserve nature.  There is nothing drilled into the trees and patrons are encouraged to stay on marked paths.  There is also a picnic pavilion if you would like to enjoy a meal or snack and sit back and enjoy nature.

Want to learn more, visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.
Want to see more images of our adventures, visit our photo album.

So here is the awesome news.  The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield is going to give one lucky Metro Detroit Mommy fan two climbing passes so you can try it out too!Entry-Form

Disclaimer: Megan and I were give 3 hours of free climbing time in exchange for this promotional post. All opinions are my own, your experience may differ.

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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