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Teaching Your Child About the Environment

If you are having trouble with making changes at home and getting your children to follow suit with taking necessary strides towards improving the status of the environment, you are not alone. Many parents struggle to teach their children effective ways to help make the environment sustainable.

Teach the Facts of the Situation

Intentional, conscious parenting means that you have to maintain your expectations while self-regulating your behaviors to ensure that you set a good example in everything and that includes teaching your children about the importance of taking care of renewable resources. You could start by teaching them about the importance of oil and the role it plays in our society. It’s a widely used resource and storing it in above-ground storage tanks before distribution is an essential step to avoid spillage that harms the environment. Resources such as oil and water are important for the functioning of different parts of our lives. For instance, oil produces several products that can be used for electricity systems, heating systems and to propel vehicles. When the oil is consumed and steps are not taken to reduce its negative impact on the environment, many systems will fail to function.

Don’t be afraid to divulge the seriousness of our contribution to global warming. Obviously, gauge their age and use appropriate language, but kids can handle serious topics such as the preservation of the environment much earlier than many give them credit for.

Teach Eco-Friendly Habits

It is reported that approximately 10-15% of a home’s heat escapes through windows. To minimize the oil that is used in your heating system, it is important to adequately insulate the house, teach your children that windows should be closed properly at all times, and replace old windows with reliable and energy-efficient windows such as new construction windows. 

There are many ways to improve your contribution towards maintaining a sustainable environment, such as water conservation and reducing waste. Teaching your children the importance of saving energy and ways to ensure sustainable living at home, as well as influencing their purchasing decisions towards green options, will benefit them and future generations to come. Teaching your kids not to keep the water running while they brush their teeth and to recycle bottles will stick with them.

Teach Ecological Spending Decisions

Teaching children new habits to help improve their lives and ultimately the environment takes time to realize. It requires commitment on your part and consciously spending money on products and services that mirror your actions. Most companies are adopting green policies as part of their marketing strategy. You can teach children from a young age about the importance of ethical purchasing to avoid products and services with an impact on the environment. When brands uphold green practices, they become trustworthy and on average 31% of consumers believe that trustworthiness is a significant aspect of a brand.

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

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