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Taking a day… to take a second.

I have found in my life and in the lives of those who I help that many of us are very busy. We have full schedules, rampant deadlines and many people who require so much of us. Our children also have their own schedules to a degree…sports, homework and playdates also are activities that our kids engage in on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with having things to do-I thrive on it. Consider these words for a minute… rushing…speeding and doing. These are commonly used verbs for parents that are typically on the go.

I have found myself at times attending a day full of activities and events with my toddler in tow. He is very social and loves meeting new people and if there is food he is even more excited…but let’s discuss another way to nourish a child’s well-being…a day in. Yes…you heard right…a day in…doing nothing. I find that it is so helpful for busy parents to take a day for their family and suggest as my son calls it an “at home day”. He loves at home days.

These are not days filled with directives and plans but more so a day to just be. I have found that it is on these occasions my son explores independent creativity, he embraces rest and sometimes we do random things on a whim. When we add an element of down time and even in some ways letting our kids lead the day at home we increase their confidence, their balance and we even learn from what they may have been yearning to teach us when we have been busy with our own day to day to-do list.

If you are a busy parent and you try an “at home day” please let us know how it goes for your family? The key to success with a day like this is allowing yourself to see what happens when you allow it to happen organically. For years grown-ups have embraced mental health days this is a way for families to do the same and model a great diversion for children.

Tara Michener
Author: Tara Michener