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12 Days of Fitmas

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger Theresa Walker  This time of year is difficult to just maintain our health.  So many parties, chances to over-eat and so much to do, leaving less time to fit in exercise.  Here are 12 ways you can keep things on track and not de-rail by January! 1. Keep the 80/20 rule; eat well 80% of the… 

Surviving the Holidays Healthfully

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger Theresa Walker – BeachBody Coach One of the most fun-filled times of the year is approaching, the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays.  It is however, one of the most decadent for eating and over-indulging.  A day to relax and enjoy is something we all deserve; however with so many occasions over these two months to gather with friends… 

Shakeology Review

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger Theresa Walker – BeachBody Coach I’m a busy mom, I have two boys, 8 and 5.  Mornings are pretty hectic.  Let’s be honest, the whole day is often very busy!  For us, eating healthfully is a priority, but not always easy, especially in the mornings when I am running around trying to get dressed, make breakfast, pack up for…