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New QLine Train in Detroit

Saturday friends and I were having dinner in Mid-Town at HopCat and decided to check out the new Q Line (  The Q Line is a “circulating street car” that runs along Woodward from Grand Blvd. to Congress Street.  Or, what you’d consider New Center to the heart of Down Town.  The project began in 2007 and was completed and… Read More »New QLine Train in Detroit

Health & Fitness: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

November and December are notorious for being to most people, the busiest months out of the year.  It’s hard to keep up on household chores, let alone your fitness and health.  However, come January we are scrambling to make up for that 2 month lapse and feeling disappointed and bloated.  This year why not find ways to stay motivated and… Read More »Health & Fitness: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Black Bean Stuffed Peppers

This recipe is a twist on the typical “stuffed peppers”.  I created it by experimenting using some of my favorite ingredients, some unique like farro; but the goal was to create a healthier version than the “typical”.  Not just healthier, but this recipe provides complete nutrition with various veggies, proteins, carbs and it is very filling.  With that said, you… Read More »Black Bean Stuffed Peppers