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Twenty Random Acts of Joy

A smile, card or a bit of active listening could change the mental health outlook of a suffering person. Before someone walks into my office they have to at least feel motivated to get there. These small steps can inspire them to know that they are worthy of taking the time for therapy. We all have the potential to make… 

Counselor’s Corner: Being Polite – When Manners Don’t Matter

Micro-Aggressions revolve around Intention and Impact. In too many scenarios there is a dismissive and callous approach to stereotypical statements, racial jokes, and obvious offensiveness. Yesterday in Target a lady and a man waved at my son. He did not wave back (which is unusual for him I usually have to remind him not to talk to strangers). They continued… 

Counselor’s Corner: Thank You and You’re Welcome – A Seasonal Blog About Gratitude

Parents, we teach our kids at a very young age what we consider basic manners. At the height of those small teachable moments is saying two words. “Thank you”. This month we talk a lot about gratitude and being grateful but should we expect others to be and if we do…is that okay? Let’s explore the topic. Gratitude is one…