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4 Surprising Picnic Essentials

Michigan was the first state to have a roadside picnic table in the U.S. This hidden gem, located in West Michigan’s Ionia County, appeared in 1929. But the term ‘picnic’ dates back much further. The French-derived word originally stems back to 1794, 100 years after ‘pique-nique’ first appeared in the French language. Whether you’re visiting a roadside table for a road trip… Read More »4 Surprising Picnic Essentials

Grilled Tofu Skewers

The research continues to show that shifting towards a plant-based helps reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and can help in maintaining a healthy weight. Furthermore, eating plant-based protein sources is one of the best ways consumers can make an impact on our declining environment. Grilled chicken and steaks are summertime favorites, but have you tried making grilled tofu for… Read More »Grilled Tofu Skewers

Reinvent the Grill with Fruit Desserts

While steaks and burgers are grill favorites, consider finishing off the meal with a healthy grilled fruit dessert. When fruit meets the flame, its sweet component allows for caramelization that develops complex flavors. Combined with Greek yogurt, grilled fruit desserts pack in fiber and antioxidants for a sweet and healthy treat. Fruits that are firm and not overripe taste great… Read More »Reinvent the Grill with Fruit Desserts

Healthy Camping

Many Americans are choosing to take car trips this summer, and Michigan offers great opportunities for camping. Even if a trip isn’t in the stars, families can make their backyard a campground on June 26, Great American Backyard Campout Day, or any day for that matter. Either way, being prepared is the key to a successful adventure.     Camping and days of exploring are exciting but… Read More »Healthy Camping

Your Library Card: A Ticket to Michigan Adventure and Savings

Do you have a Michigan Library card?  If so, then you can access hundreds of Michigan’s state parks, National Parks, historic sites, recreation areas and campgrounds for either free or discounted admission. Through the Michigan Activity Pass Program you can access over 100 State Parks, 138 Campgrounds and many more activities.  Just print a free one-day pass, which can be… Read More »Your Library Card: A Ticket to Michigan Adventure and Savings

Planning a Road Trip? Take Along Healthy Habits and Recipes

After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, more Americans are looking to travel in 2021. In a recent poll, more than two-thirds of respondents indicated they did not yet feel comfortable traveling by plane, making road trips an increasingly popular option. With summer almost here and kids approaching the end of the school year, it’s the perfect time to explore this… Read More »Planning a Road Trip? Take Along Healthy Habits and Recipes

The ABCs of Marinades and Grilling

There’s nothing like taking a summer neighborhood walk surrounded by the scents of barbecue and grilling. The leading reason grills are popular as a cooking technique is for the flavor and caramelization. There’s a reason complex flavors develop and that grilled foods are texturally pleasing. Marinades start the breakdown of food by including an acidic or enzymatic component, allowing for… Read More »The ABCs of Marinades and Grilling