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How to Prepare Now for Severe Weather – Emergency Preparedness for Metro Detroit Families

I had the opportunity to ask Forensic Meteorologist Mark McGinnis some questions about severe weather and how to be prepared. He has some great tips, and while some may seem like common sense, they are all great reminders of how to be prepared for when severe weather hits: 1. Get a NOAA weather radio with a battery backup. 2. Get a… 

How To Teach Your Child To Put Their Phones Away When It Matters

Keeping kids safe is no longer as easy as telling them to look both ways when they cross the road. The majority of children have cell phones starting around the age of ten, and accidents caused by distracted walking are increasing at an alarming rate. Videos that show people walking into trees or falling into fountains because they are focused… 

Filtered Water Systems: Which Models are Most Effective in Removing Lead?

There’s no disputing that lead is bad for the human body. Unfortunately this was not known when the original water delivery systems were put into place. The result was that lead pipes were everywhere. Lead leached from these pipes into the water supply and then caused a variety of health issues in unsuspecting consumers. Lead piping is now banned but…