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Pesto Rosso Pizza Rolls Recipe

Pizza rolls are a family-favorite, grabbing the attention of kids in the frozen aisle. Full of preservatives, refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, pizza rolls aren’t exactly known for their health benefits. Try this healthier version, using wonton wrappers as the pizza roll vessel.  Ingredients 1 7-8.5 oz jar sun dried tomatoes in oil 1 cup basil leaves 1/2 cup grated… Read More »Pesto Rosso Pizza Rolls Recipe

Why You Should Reach for the Edamame This Winter

Edamame is packed with vitamin K and manganese. This soy protein is also easy to prepare at home. Check out these healthy vegan and vegetarian edamame recipes. Many people are looking to integrate more plant-based sources of protein for health and environmental reasons. Soy can be transformed into a variety of food products, from tofu to dairy substitutes. It’s environmentally… Read More »Why You Should Reach for the Edamame This Winter

Putting the Spotlight on Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a family favorite. Composed of 96% water, they promote hydration and bring refreshing flavors to a hot summer day. Although it’s mostly made of water, this crispy, crunchy, low-calorie vegetable is rich in vitamins C and K, as well as antioxidants. Walking down a grocery aisle, you might be met with a variety of cucumbers. The most common are garden and English… Read More »Putting the Spotlight on Cucumbers