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A Stressed Brain Cannot Learn

As summer time approaches and many children will be entering Kindergarten this fall, parents and teachers alike are left to wonder, “Are they ready?” and “What does Kindergarten readiness really mean?”  Consider this: One in every four children under the age of four years old have experienced some form of trauma in our country.  According to Judy Darling LMSW, IMH-E@IV of Transforming Teachers, social emotional… 

Worksheet Worries

Whether parents choose to homeschool or enroll in institutional methods of education, the pressure to academically prepare for what’s next is increasing year to year.  Buzzwords such as “Kindergarten readiness” coupled with the Third-Grade Reading Law signed by Governor Snyder this past October surely have many parents wondering how to ready their young learners.  As an Early Childhood Advocate and toddler…