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Holiday mocktails

Healthier Holiday Mocktails

The holidays are filled with events and get-togethers that involve festive decorations, food and even drinks. While a beautifully garnished drink may not be a problem for many, others struggle with alcohol consumption, especially around the holidays. This time of year, it’s reported binge drinking is more prevalent than other times of the year. In fact, the average American admits… 

Festive New Year’s Mocktails the Whole Family Can Enjoy

The holidays come with get-togethers, sparkly outfits and festive drinks. However, those pretty beverages often come with alcohol in the mix – sometimes leaving non-drinkers to miss out on the festive nature of the cocktails. Mocktails are a great spruced up drink option perfect for kids or those who prefer a non-alcoholic option. We’ve got you covered with two holiday…