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Fan-Favorite Flavors for Healthier Wings on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer, synonymous with grilling and enjoying the outdoors. However, summer barbecue celebrations aren’t known for offering a ton of healthy options. From grilled fatty steaks, chips of all flavors, potato salads and sweets, those aiming to fill their plates with healthy options may find it challenging to do so.  Many wing sauces are… 

Two Sentimental DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Picking out the perfect gift can be a tricky task, especially when it’s for someone you care for. Every year around Mother’s Day, marketing for World’s Best Mom mugs and trinkets fill the ad section of screens country wide. But many moms prefer something made by their children, regardless of their age. Whether you’re someone helping a child prepare a… 

Three Recipes Featuring Mushrooms to Try this Spring

Spring has sprung, flower bulbs are making an appearance, and though the frequent rains may not be pleasant for the season’s festivities, many mushrooms thrive off this spring environment. Mushrooms belong to the fungi kingdom, but they’re often grouped in with vegetables in food classification and offer a lot of the same nutritional benefits. Mushrooms’ nutrient profiles vary depending on…