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Healthier Fat Tuesday: A Paczki-inspired Alternative Recipe

It is a Michigan ritual to celebrate Paczki Day on Fat Tuesday by eating a traditional Polish jelly-filled or cream-filled fried pastry called a paczek (pronounced PON-check). But if you are not in the mood for such a rich treat, there are other options. These fruit-filled delicacies are lighter than the traditional fried treat – significantly lower in saturated fat,… 

Three Recipes Featuring Mushrooms to Try this Spring

Spring has sprung, flower bulbs are making an appearance, and though the frequent rains may not be pleasant for the season’s festivities, many mushrooms thrive off this spring environment. Mushrooms belong to the fungi kingdom, but they’re often grouped in with vegetables in food classification and offer a lot of the same nutritional benefits. Mushrooms’ nutrient profiles vary depending on…