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6 Health and Food Trends to Watch in 2023

With the new year comes an increased emphasis on “wellness” as people make their New Year’s resolutions – including better health, better fitness, and better nutrition. Too often, however, these resolutions can lead to unhealthy habits or choices when in pursuit of a goal.  It’s important to understand that the wellness market is an industry with many players and is… Read More »6 Health and Food Trends to Watch in 2023

Fun Ideas for Packing More Activity into Everyday Life

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one in four American adults sit for more than eight hours a day. This may not be surprising as our society continues to shift toward a more sedentary lifestyle. Though modern transportation has allowed for more flexibility in the distance between where you live and where you work, it has… Read More »Fun Ideas for Packing More Activity into Everyday Life

Benefits of Family Meals

It’s no secret the pandemic has shifted family schedules – many parents are working from home, some children are attending virtual school and participating in fewer evening-time extracurricular activities and sports. A silver lining of the pandemic for some are family meals. In fact, research demonstrates a plethora of health benefits associated with consuming meals as a family. Along with… Read More »Benefits of Family Meals

Eating Healthy on a Budget

The average American spends only 5.2% of disposable income on groceries. Yet, residents in up to 97% of U.S. counties struggle to access healthy food. For many, cost and availability are major factors. Depending on type, brand and season, prices may vary. Luckily, the following foods can accommodate any budget at any time: Beans – Beans are a staple in plant-based diets as… Read More »Eating Healthy on a Budget