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Is Gestational Diabetes Preventable?

Rates of gestational diabetes are increasing among women of all racial and ethnic subgroups in the U.S. Gestational diabetes is relatively common and affects 2% to 10% of pregnancies – but can be connected to short- and long-term risks for women and their babies. The good news is for most pregnant women gestational diabetes is transient and can be safely managed under the care… Read More »Is Gestational Diabetes Preventable?

Reducing Infant Mortality: Ways to Minimize Risks

The first month of life is the most vulnerable period for a child’s survival. Globally, 2.4 million newborns died in 2020, according to the World Health Organization. Most neonatal deaths, approximately 75%, occur during the first week of life. When newborns die it is usually because they suffered from conditions and diseases associated with a lack of quality care during birth… Read More »Reducing Infant Mortality: Ways to Minimize Risks

5 Healthy Breakfast Hacks for Busy Parents 

It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for kids. Research shows eating breakfast is associated with better performance on math tests, vocabulary tests, demanding mental tasks and reaction to frustration.  Life gets busy no matter who you are, and for many, whipping up a wholesome breakfast is at the bottom of the priority list on hectic… Read More »5 Healthy Breakfast Hacks for Busy Parents 

Obesity Now Affects Children Earlier in Life

Childhood obesity is considered a growing and serious health issue in the United States. Recent studies have shown the percentage of obese children and teens is not only rising, but obesity is affecting kids earlier in their lives than ever before. Being overweight can not only affect a child’s physical and emotional health, but it can have long-lasting effects into… Read More »Obesity Now Affects Children Earlier in Life

4 Surprising Picnic Essentials

Michigan was the first state to have a roadside picnic table in the U.S. This hidden gem, located in West Michigan’s Ionia County, appeared in 1929. But the term ‘picnic’ dates back much further. The French-derived word originally stems back to 1794, 100 years after ‘pique-nique’ first appeared in the French language. Whether you’re visiting a roadside table for a road trip… Read More »4 Surprising Picnic Essentials

Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health 

Social media is used by approximately 82% of the United States population to consume news, information, entertainment and much more.  Some people develop an unhealthy relationship with social media where they overuse and abuse the digital platforms. This habit can lead to depression in young adults and low self-esteem and poor sleep quality in teens, among other negative mental health effects.    Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic  … Read More »Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health 

The Difference Between Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

The Food Allergy and Research Education reports that up to 85 million Americans are affected by food allergies and intolerances, roughly 32 million of which are food allergies.   Food allergies and intolerances impact different parts of the body. A food allergy is a medical condition in which exposure to a certain food triggers a harmful response from the immune… Read More »The Difference Between Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Planning for a Healthy, Sustainable Spring

Spring is a great time for a fresh start, a perfect window for a reset as the season flips forward. This spring, take time to explore how to create healthy, sustainable changes, both inside and outside your home. Whether this means planting garden seeds indoors, using your kitchen leftovers more efficiently, or being more resource-conscious at home, there are some… Read More »Planning for a Healthy, Sustainable Spring