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Benefits of Family Meals

It’s no secret the pandemic has shifted family schedules – many parents are working from home, some children are attending virtual school and participating in fewer evening-time extracurricular activities and sports. A silver lining of the pandemic for some are family meals. In fact, research demonstrates a plethora of health benefits associated with consuming meals as a family. Along with… 

Fun Family Activities

Trees leafing out and early flowers pushing their showy blooms out of the ground are true signs of spring in Michigan, and that’s all the invitation we need to gather our children or grandchildren and head outside to embrace some warmer weather.   Getting some fresh air is great. But with a little planning, you can turn your family time into… 

Fitness Trends for 2021

When the pandemic hit, gyms closed and — just like toilet paper — fitness equipment became scarce online and in stores. As COVID-19 disrupted people’s fitness routines of working out at gyms or in groups, there has been more of a focus on home-based exercise equipment. There are many options for interactive home workout equipment. Many companies put out their…