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How to Get Your Kids Excited About Produce

Most parents have seen television commercials that seem to poke fun at the fact that children don’t want to eat their vegetables. Picky eaters push peas around their plates – but don’t try them. Cooked spinach brings a grimace. Roasted beets are strange enough to make them raise their little eyebrows. These attitudes may seem funny, but when some parents… Read More »How to Get Your Kids Excited About Produce

The ABCs of Marinades and Grilling

There’s nothing like taking a summer neighborhood walk surrounded by the scents of barbecue and grilling. The leading reason grills are popular as a cooking technique is for the flavor and caramelization. There’s a reason complex flavors develop and that grilled foods are texturally pleasing. Marinades start the breakdown of food by including an acidic or enzymatic component, allowing for… Read More »The ABCs of Marinades and Grilling

Customize Nutritional Needs with Creative Cultural Cuisine National Nutrition Month Eating patterns are not one-size-fits-all because people have a variety of personal food and exercise preferences, schedules and cultures. Trying food from other cultures can open doors to nutrition and awareness. Cultural nutrition pitfalls Foods considered “good” or “bad” often vary among cultures. Food choices may be influenced by availability,… Read More »

Eating Healthy on a Budget

The average American spends only 5.2% of disposable income on groceries. Yet, residents in up to 97% of U.S. counties struggle to access healthy food. For many, cost and availability are major factors. Depending on type, brand and season, prices may vary. Luckily, the following foods can accommodate any budget at any time: Beans – Beans are a staple in plant-based diets as… Read More »Eating Healthy on a Budget