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Sorry Not Sorry

Picture this. You’re at the park.  A child walks up to your little one and joins in constructing the gravel mountain your child has been diligently working at for 15 minutes.  They make eye contact. Your sweet little angel swats at the joiner, unleashing tears streaming like Niagara Falls from those beautiful round eyes and parents run frantically over to… Read More »Sorry Not Sorry

Birthday Party Hot Spots in Wayne County

Looking for a Birthday party venue for your family and friends in Wayne County?  Look no further! This list will give you some ideas to plan a party perfect for you.  Clayin’ Around Pottery Address: 6551 Allen Road Allen Park, MI 48101 Phone: 313-386-2529 Email: Party packages are in the $200 range and all guests can choose a piece… Read More »Birthday Party Hot Spots in Wayne County

Hit Drums, Not People! Helping Your Child Get in Rhythm

We have all been to playdates, preschool classrooms and playgrounds where one or all children resort to hitting, swatting, pushing and eventually screaming. Emotional regulation is a developing skill in the early childhood years. Children’s brains learn through repeated opportunities to express themselves, as language is also evolving may not have the words to talk about the feelings and alas,… Read More »Hit Drums, Not People! Helping Your Child Get in Rhythm

Worksheet Worries

Whether parents choose to homeschool or enroll in institutional methods of education, the pressure to academically prepare for what’s next is increasing year to year.  Buzzwords such as “Kindergarten readiness” coupled with the Third-Grade Reading Law signed by Governor Snyder this past October surely have many parents wondering how to ready their young learners.  As an Early Childhood Advocate and toddler… Read More »Worksheet Worries

Connecting with Parents

When families choose to use out of home care options, the need for bridging the school to home connection is the key to success. Whether you are leaving a child in friends and family care or choosing a licensed childcare program, being involved in your child’s day while you are away ensures an easier transition for your little one and… Read More »Connecting with Parents

Taylor Heritage Park

The city of Taylor is home to a variety of family friendly venues including the beautiful Heritage Park.  This multipurpose space surrounds the Taylor Public Library on Pardee road, just north of Northline road in the heart of Taylor. The park has space enough for a few areas including an oval walking path with historic buildings and posts describing some… Read More »Taylor Heritage Park