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Sphero RVR: Code * Make * Hack * Repeat

The Sphero RVR is an amazing all terrain robot ideal for children ages 8 and older. If you have a child interested in making, coding or hacking, then this mobile robot would make a great addition to their learning tools. From beginners to experienced users, the Sphero line includes 3 different robots with features and capabilities to accommodate all skill levels. We received a complimentary Sphero RVR in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. Your experience may differ.

Sphero RVR

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The Sphero Line

The line includes 3 robots that offer an amazing array of features and capabilities. The Sphero Mini is great for beginners as it is easy to program. A great intermediate-advanced level Sphero is the BOLT+. The BOLT offers block-based coding as well as JavaScript. Finally, the Sphero RVR offers block-based coding, JavaScript, hacking capabilities, and on-board sensors that detect color, light, speed, and more.

Why buy the Sphero RVR?

This robot is simply amazing. It’s built be able to go just about anywhere. This programable robot is sturdy and also powerful. The robot is designed to overcome obstacles and drive on uneven surfaces. You can use the Sphero Edu app – Draw & Drive, Scratch Blocks or even JavaScript to program. This allows the programmer to learn and grow from easy to use programming, to the more advanced JavaScript language. Finally, the Sphero RVR allows the user to attach and run third-party hardware, providing infinite learning opportunities.

Sphero RVR

What is Included?

The package includes the RVR robot as well as a removable cover plate. You will also receive a protective roll cage and rechargeable battery. A Universal, 4-Pin UART expansion port together with the USB-A cord will help you connect to and power 3rd party hardware. Finally, you can download the Sphero Edu app on iOS, Android or Chrome OS.

Where can I Purchase a Sphero RVR?

You can buy the Sphero RVR online, on Amazon. If you are looking for the BOLT, it is available at select Target and Best Buy locations.

Connect with Sphero

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