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Sphero Blueprint Build Kit: Hands-on Fun!

The Sphero Blueprint Build Kit is designed for middle and high school classroom. It enables students to learn foundational engineering concepts as they design and build working prototypes. With its approachable design, easy-to-handle parts, and supporting content, Blueprint Build makes engaging with mechanical and structural engineering hands-on, fun, and accessible to aspiring engineers of all abilities.

One kit engages 2–3 students.

We received a complimentary Sphero Blueprint Build Kit in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own. Your experience may differ.

Our Photographers Comments on Sphero Blueprint Build Kit

Bernadette says:
“The new Sphero Blueprint is amazing! My daughter loves STEAM activities and products. She is very active in their school’s Science Olympiad and Robotic Teams. I am always on a lookout for products to introduce to her to develop her creative mind. The Sphero Blueprint is a perfect product to do engineering challenges. It will test your creative designing and planning skills when completing a task. Though this product caters to Middle School and High School students, my incoming 4th Grader was able to complete the “Gone Fishing” Challenge and you can view how she was able to plan and complete this activity in the attached video. As a parent of a child who is passionate about STEAM, Sphero Blueprint is one of the best products available out there to raise little engineers.”

Why buy the Sphero Blueprint

One kit engages 2–3 students.

  • EASY PROTOTYPING Blueprint Build’s 320+ modular parts are easy to assemble for rapid prototyping due to their practical size and visual and technical simplicity.
  • LESSONS & UNIT PLANS INCLUDED The Blueprint Build Kit comes with 50+ hours of in-depth, standards-aligned lessons and unit plans to help teach students about simple machines, compound machines, and calculating mechanical advantage.
  • HANDS-ON PROBLEM SOLVING Solving problems is the foundation of engineering. Blueprint Build allows students to quickly design, build, and test mechanical and structural engineering concepts in the classroom. 
  • ENGINEERING & BEYOND Students explore cross-curricular concepts in engineering and design while learning critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills. 
  • RELEVANT LEARNING Flexible and standards-aligned lessons and unit plans help teach students about simple and compound machines and calculating mechanical advantage.
  • BUILD IN CAD The Blueprint Build Class Pack supports various CAD certification curricula with free Blueprint Onshape documents, as well as Solidworks and STEP files for CAD software support.

What is Included?

Where can I Purchase a Sphero Blueprint?

You can buy the Sphero Blueprint online.

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Julie McKeeman
Author: Julie McKeeman

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