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Simple Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Favorite Private School Teacher

Giving a gift to your child’s favorite private school teacher is something that you may want to do to show your gratitude for their efforts in your child’s educational development. Picking the right gift can be a challenge, however, especially if you don’t know the teacher well enough. With that said, here are some simple gifts you can get for them that make it hard to go wrong.

A Floral Arrangement

A floral arrangement is an amazing gift to get, as 60% of people believe that a floral gift has a deeper meaning. It’s going to be even more meaningful if you know the teacher’s favorite colors or flowers since you can include them in the arrangement. This is a gift that you could either pick up from a local florist and drop off yourself, or simply call and order for one to be sent to the teacher. You should include a card with the arrangement, in which you may write a special note to the teacher or have your child pen the message themself!

A Handmade Gift

Most teachers, like a lot of other people, enjoy handmade gifts. For this to be an amazing gift, you could have your child make something that they feel their teacher would love. This is obviously an option for the craftier types who will enjoy coming up with a handmade piece that’s been made with love. From cards to little trinkets, there are many options you could choose from.

Give your child some help if they ask for it, otherwise, let them own the gift from start to finish. Keep in mind that private schools make up 25% of all the schools around the nation, enrolling 10% of all PK-12 students. This is a smaller number than you’d expect in public schools, meaning that there’s probably a lower chance of your child’s teacher receiving many handmade gifts. This can make your gift to them even more special!

Personalized Stationery

Next, it’s hard to go wrong with a set of personalized stationery for your child’s teacher. This is because every teacher likely has a need for stationery, which makes this a functional gift. They’ll also have an easier time keeping track of this stationery, as neither kids in school nor fellow teachers will be able to pick it up unnoticed. You could even personalize it with not just the name but the exact designation of the teacher as well.

Your child’s school may be one of those granted authorization by the IB organization to offer any of its four academic programs. These include the Primary Years Programme or PYP, the Middle Years Programme or MYP, the Diploma Programme or DP, and the Career-related Programme or CP. The status of a candidate in this case gives no guarantee that they’ll be granted authorization. For personalized stationery your child’s teacher will love, you may include the program that the teacher is in charge of as well if any of the above apply!

A Gift Card

The final gift that you could get for your child’s teacher is a gift card. This is something that they’ll be able to put to use right away as they’ll know what they want to get. As such, you’ll have made a minimal effort but have made a major impact, and this is something that makes certain gifts more attractive than others without a doubt!

These gift ideas should suffice for your child’s favorite private school teacher. Since you’ve probably met them once or twice, you may have a better time telling which of these suggestions would be best. Find something that will show your appreciation and be memorable at the same time.

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

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