Silver Dolphin Board Books

In 2013, only 35% of 4th grade students in our country were reading proficiently and that number is still declining according to research by the National Assessment of Education Program.  Research consistently urges families to spend time reading with children from the time they’re in the womb.  Including children’s interests and engaging them in active learning are strategies that will make a reader out of our youngest learners.  These Silver Dolphin Board Books  pictured above do just that for toddlers who want to “help” in all means of the word!
Dig, Dig, Digger is one of Lucas’ books with sound.  Children can “read” along thanks to the short rhymes  and add some audio to each page by pressing the sound circle.  Six different sounds are included and the mechanism used to attach the sound buttons offer an opportunity for problem solving, as tiny toddler fingers build fine motor control in finding just the right spot to press.  Dig, Dig, Digger combines animal characters with the beloved sounds and sights of a construction site to captivate young readers.
Lucas must know the way to children’s hearts and minds is by including their interests in anything they do and what young child hasn’t been fascinated by dinosaurs at one time or another?  Take your dino loving child on a journey to find buried treasure featuring six different sounds from “roars” to creaking treasure chests by reading Dinos On Deck.
Dig, Dig, Digger and Dinos on Deck use recorded sounds to excite young readers, these chunky board books with playtime accessories will surely include the gift of song!  Sing along to this classic “Wheels on the Bus” with a chunky board book while driving a wooden bus crafted for toddler-size grips all around a play mat town.
Old Macdonald was never so exciting before this chunky board book packed with wooden tractor and  play mat farm thanks to Silver Dolphin Books!  Add more to the rhyming sound sing along by acting out Old Macdonald’s farm while singing together.  Did you know, reading is a matter of the brain decoding patterns and sequences, the same patterns and sequences found in every pieces of music? T Songs like “Old MacDonald” and “Wheels on the Bus” (that get stuck on repeat in the mind of every loving parent at one time or another) are repetitive in rhythm and rhyme to help children learn to anticipate and recognize patterns, setting them up for math and reading success! Read more about the benefits of reading and rhyming with your child here.
My 18th month old chooses one (or all!) of these Silver Dolphin Board Books to read before bed time each night.  How can I say “no” to playing along while reading or singing when I know it’s so good for my little guy?  Check out these Silver Dolphin Board Books to inspire and engage your young readers!
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