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SHIPT-All your questions answered!

You’ve probably seen the ads on Facebook, or heard the radio spots.  SHIPT has been expanding throughout Michigan for the past year.

Just recently I have seen a lot of social media posts asking questions about the SHIPT process, so I figured it was time for a quick blog post.  Full disclosure, I have been a SHIPT shopper for a little over a year.  Although I do not shop regularly anymore, I still use the service occasionally and I am constantly fielding questions about the service.  Here are the most asked questions, that you may be wondering too!

1. What is it?
SHIPT is a grocery shopping and delivery service.  Currently in Michigan, it is only available at Meijer. Consumers create their shopping list via the SHIPT app and pick a delivery window.  Shoppers are offered the orders and once accepted can see the shopping list, estimated shop time, and delivery location. Shoppers arrive at the store in enough time to shop, check out, and deliver within the delivery window.

2.  What if something I want is not in the store?
You have a choice when placing your order: “Don’t Substitute” “Use Best Judgment” or “Contact Me”  When the shopper gets to an item that is out of stock at Meijer, depending on your initial preference, they will either substitute with the closest option (usually a store brand or a size difference) or will contact you with choices, or  will skip it if you chose, “Don’t Substitute.”

3.  How are the shoppers paid? Should I tip?
Shoppers are paid $5/order and 7.5% of the total paid at Meijer.  They are doing a service and I always tip my shopper based on the amount of work they did and how well they did their job. Think about it this way, do you tip your pizza delivery guy?  He’s making an hourly wage and all he did was deliver.  Your SHIPT shopper is actually shopping for you, standing in line for you, asking Meijer employees to check the back for you, and then delivering your order right to your door.  Even though there is a slight markup for the groceries and a membership fee to use the service, its not passed on to the shopper.  Here’s an example I shared on a friend’s page when she asked about tipping: Shipt can be lucrative but if I didn’t get tips or didn’t shop double orders at the same time, it wasn’t worth my time. Shopping orders takes time. Then standing in line and finally delivery. If I made $5/order and the order was $100. (So I made 7.50) and it took me 45 minutes to shop. 15 minutes in line (on a good day-sometimes as much as 40 minutes on a crowded day) and then another 15-20 minutes for delivery. That’s $12.50 for up to 2 hours of work.

4.  Do the shoppers come into my house? 
Most shoppers will come in to deliver your groceries right to your kitchen, but if you prefer, they are happy to leave them at the door or pass them to you from outside.

5.  What if something is wrong with my order?
Contact SHIPT directly.  They will do everything in their power to make it right.  If it means sending another shopper out, or crediting your account, they want you happy!  Also, it is important to rate your shopper appropriately.  The best shoppers strive for 5 stars every order.  Anything less than a 5 and they want to know how to improve.  If you rate a shopper a 2 or a 1, you will not receive the shopper again and should contact the company directly to explain the issues, so they can resolve them.

6.  Can they really deliver alcohol?
Yes.  As long as a 21 year old or older person is available to accept the order.

If you want to give SHIPT a try, there are some deals happening right now.  You can also save $10 off your first order when you use the promocode: METRODETROITMOMMY

If you have any other questions I forgot, feel free to drop a comment below and I will answer them!

Julie McKeeman
Author: Julie McKeeman

Julie is first and foremost a mom of two amazing kiddos, Elliott and Bennett. She is an elementary school librarian whose passion is to create safe spaces for all children.