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Shakeology Review

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger Theresa Walker – BeachBody Coach

I’m a busy mom, I have two boys, 8 and 5.  Mornings are pretty hectic.  Let’s be honest, the whole day is often very
busy!  For us, eating healthfully is a priority,
but not always easy, especially in the mornings when I am running around trying
to get dressed, make breakfast, pack up for school, feed the cats who are
meowing loudly, the trash needs to be taken out, sometimes there’s laundry to
start and oh, what do I defrost for dinner?! 
SO, breakfasts have got to be easy and fast for ME.  I’ll take the time to get the kids a big healthy
breakfast before school, but I don’t have as much time for myself.  I do try to fit in a quick workout before the
kids get up, but often that leaves me short on time for my own breakfast.  A few years ago I was on a huge smoothie
kick!  I loved making my own smoothies,
I’d use greek yogurt with a mix of fruits and then add some chia seeds or
ground flax.  However, it got to be too
much to do each morning, with chopping fruit, adding each ingredient till it
had the right consistency, oh and I cared about the calories so I had to do a
quick figure of what I was in-taking. 
Thus, it fell by the way-side. 
Until recently, when I found an even better option that was nutrient-rich,
superfood-packed and tasted amazing!  Shakeology.  
What is Shakeology? 
Shakeology is more than a protein powder, it’s dense in nutrition.  Let me break it down, because it has a lot of
great things: 

  •  Protein, essential amino acids, which help with
    building/repairing muscles and reducing hunger by keeping you fuller,
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, which
    aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption
  • 23 Vitamins and minerals your body needs to
    function for optimal health
  •  Adaptogens, which help promote a strong immune system,
    increase energy and balance endocrine hormones and immune system.  Shakeology has a total of 9 adaptogens. Which
    is more than any other shake available.

Personally, I’ve been drinking Green Berry Shakeology.  I like that it has the added greens, since it
can be hard to get in my recommended daily veggie requirements.  For Green Berry, one solid scoop is 130
calories, has 1.5g fat, 4g of fiber, 17g of protein and only 6g of sugar.  All I do each morning is put 8-12oz of water
in my blender, add a cup or two of frozen fruit, my scoop of mix and blend
well.  I’ve found blending longer, helps
it thicken up and distributes the powder so you aren’t tasting grit.  I started with adding just mixed berries, but
recently I’ve experimented with banana/strawberry, pineapple/orange,  pineapple/banana and any mix of berries.  When I ordered a full months of recipes were
also included as well as the on-the-go bottle.
It’s been a full month of drinking Shakeology each morning
for breakfast in addition to doing PiYo (Beach Body program, Pilates/Yoga
fusion).  I’ve lost 5lbs, and I’ve lost
several inches in my stomach, not to mention an inch each in my thighs, waist,
hips and half inch in my calves.  Let me
note that when I started, I was already a healthy BMI, I just had some toning
up to do.  After only 5 days I noticed an
increased amount of energy as well.  I wasn’t particularly low on energy to start!  All of this is kind of just an added bonus for me, I truly do enjoy the taste of Shakeology, I’ve had whey protein powders before, I was never a huge fan, I didn’t care for the taste it added.  I am glad that I found something healthy, is easy and fast to make and that tastes good too.  Oh, and did I mention that unlike many options out there, this is one of the few that isn’t made with fake crap and chemicals?  It’s made of whole-food sources, not just extracts.  You can view nutritional info here for Green Berry:
Shakeology accomplished my two main goals: the time crunch in the mornings and a little extra belly flab.  Most mornings I blend up a shake, and
then make the kids breakfast and sip while I’m at the counter, then I take it
upstairs and sip while I’m getting dressed. 
Sometimes it goes in the car with me if I haven’t finished it.  The BEST part is that I don’t need to sit
down and eat, because some days I don’t have that time anyway!  Some days if I am extra hungry and won’t have
time for a mid-morning snack, I’ll also have a half of an English muffin with a
dab of peanut butter.  I’m full no
worries until lunch time!  This is what my green berry looks like on a “greener” day.
Since trying Shakeology, I decided to become a Beach Body
Coach so I can pay it forward and share everything I have learned.  I hope my story can inspire others, and my
advice may help.  If you are looking for
a healthy meal replacement and are interested in hearing more about Shakeology
or any Beach Body fitness programs, please contact me at: 

Theresa Walker 
Theresa is a wife and stay at home mother of 2 energetic boys, DJ (8) and Aiden (5). She has a bachelors in Communications and prior to being a mother she worked at Better Investing magazine in advertising and as a Corporate Account Manager. These days she is fortunate enough to spend time with her boys checking out all of the local fun there is to be had. She and her family love to travel. She is also active in a large online mom’s group through Facebook that she started called Planet Mom. She enjoys being active and one of her proudest accomplishments was running the Detroit Half Marathon as well as the Romeo to Richmond Half. In her free time you can find her running or biking through Stony Creek. Or curled up on a couch with a good book and her cat in her lap. She recently became a BeachBody Coach, so that she could share her love for health and fitness with others to help them reach their personal goals. You can find her Facebook page at Inspired Health & Fitness. She considers herself a “Fit Foodie” and loves trying new recipes, experimenting and new restaurants around town. She hopes she can share some of her tips for healthy eating and exercise for busy moms and Metro Detroit Mommy Fans