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Sesame Place in Pennsylvania – #travel

Metro Detroit Mommy Guest Blogger: Tara Michener

My family visited Sesame Place this summer for our vacation. My son is almost two and he loved every bit of it. We used the Sesame Place app to make sure that we could prepare before we arrived to this furry wonderland. If you don’t have a smart phone-no worries the website is very informative and the park has large free maps at the entrance for patrons who prefer paper.

We learned that if you get to the park at 9:00 a.m. General parking can get you pretty close and that there is no need to pay extra for preferred parking. If you arrive early keep in mind the actual park does not open until 10 a.m. so bring activities for your child. Maybe you can look at the app together or talk about what you are looking forward to. My little guy made friends with the attendants who were guarding the entrance and got a free sticker (who cares if it said “happy birthday?). If you reserve a character breakfast you can get admitted in the park early. We did not do this but regretted that we did not. These special furry meals sell out very far in advance and we did not get a chance to eat with any of the amazing monsters.

We saw many of our sesame street favorites as soon as we entered the park. Telly, The Count and Oscar were the first familiar faces that we saw. My son was in awe. He also got a tad bit scared being so close to the larger than life Oscar the grouch. Eventually he got used to seeing Cookie monster, Elmo and the rest of the gang.

The park features a fair amount of rides that are dry as well as a water park. We chose a two day trip for this reason. We were able to see shows like Elmo Rocks,  Elmo the Musical and so many more great features. We also got to take lots of photos with the characters. You can use your phone for pictures and also get actual print outs at the park if you want physical copies to commemorate your visit. If you plan on staying at a hotel be sure to find out if they have a partnership with the park. It is wise to ask. We saved a lot of money and received many freebies because of this and it made our visit even better and more cost effective.

 One of the best things about visiting the park is the parade. It is a time to see all of the monsters from Prairie Dawn to Elmo and everyone in between dance down the street displaying some pretty amazing choreography.

Our first day at the park was on a Friday which we originally thought was crowded until we got to the park on Saturday and it was packed more than we could imagine. We learned that for our family we would prefer going to the park on weekdays as opposed to weekends. Many of the food excursions offer free souvenir plates and cups with your meal. Gift shops are galore so plan your budget wisely and talk to your kids about your spending expectations before you arrive. We were lucky enough to be gifted sesame street character plush items this summer and we used them over the duration of the road trip to appease our little one on the long ride from Michigan to the East Coast.

Overall Sesame place is like any other amusement park with roller coasters, great food, water attractions, etc. Just remember that regular theme parks don’t include your childhood favorites. I even found myself being stars truck when Elmo and Cookie monster gave me high fives.

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