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Royal Oak Farmers Market – Food Truck Rally

The Royal Oak Farmers Market is located at 316 East 11 Mile Road in Royal Oak (on the south side of the road) just two blocks east of Main Street.

Last night we visited the Food Truck Rally event, we were all so pleasantly surprised by how awesome the experience was.

So there were a ton of Food Trucks with many different options including:
Delectabowl Food Truck & Catering
The Mac Shack
El Guapo – Fresh Mexican Grill
Rollin Stone Wood Fired Pizza
The Mean Weenie
Mito’s Doner
Treat Dreams
The Salt & Sugar Co.
Streetside Sushi
Treat Dream
Beignets Cajun Food
& more….

We tried the Triple Play from Woodpile BBQ Shack which included ribs, sausage and beef brisket ($14).  All the meats were tender and the sauces were both tasty.  The cornbread was amazing, moist, not crumbly, and sweet.  The cole slaw wasn’t my cup of tea.

Rosa ordered the Mac and Cheese (there was a special name for it..I forgot $7.25) from the Mac Shack.  It was heavenly and it was my top pick for dinner foods that we tried.

We also ordered seafood gumbo (was okay) and beignets (yummo) from the Beignets Cajun Food Truck.
Carlyn had a hot dog from Meanie Weenie, (sorry all didn’t try it).

After dinner the kids enjoyed the FREE bounce house…

And we enjoyed the live music…

We all then enjoyed ice cream from Treat Dreams ($4 each).  The best ice cream was Carlyn’s Kooky Monster.  Vanilla with bits of Orio Cookie.  I tried the Salted Caramel and Chancellor opted for a Coffee flavor ice cream.  Rosa decided to try a chocolate covered marshmallow ($2) from another vendor.

There was also face painting available (Free) which we didn’t get a chance to do before it was time to leave.

Overall a most amazing night.  I don’t remember the exact prices on all the items, but below I did my best to remember the prices (don’t quote me)
Triple Play ($14)
Cornbread ($2)
Cornbread ($2)
Cole Slaw ($1)
Water ($2)
Water ($2)
Mac and cheese ($7.25)
Hot Dog Kids Combo ($5)
Gumbo ($12)
Beignets (4 for $5)
Ice Cream ($4) we got 3 so ($12)
marshmallow pop (2)

So easily $60 for a family of 4 who liked to eat….

And although there were a lot of people there, it was not overwhelming.  The lines got to be about 6 deep for some of the stations, but it died out after 7 pm.

Don’t worry if you missed out yesterday, the Royal Oak Farmers Market hosts the Food Truck Rally on the second Wednesday of each month, even in the winter.
You can check the dates on their website: