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Redford Township District Library: Family Fun at Your Local Library

Redford Township District Library

It’s winter and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over. The cold weather and snow, or rain, (depending on mother nature) are here. The kids are bored and want to get out of the house. Therefore, you are asking yourself, “What’s free, in the community and can allow you to learn and have fun?” Your local library! Of all the activities my family loves to go too. Redford Township District Library is the one place we can spend hours reading, discovering and having fun.

We love to travel to libraries around the Metro Detroit Area, however, Redford Township District Library is our favorite. It is centrally located in Redford, MI. at 25320 Six Mile Road. Website.

The children’s area at Redford Township District Library is full of toys, books, music, computers, and more. There is even a large red fire truck for children to climb on and of course, read a good book.

The library provides lots of space and materials that will allow your child to use their full imagination to learn new things. Visitors can host a puppet show, build on the Lego table, learn with educational computer games, and even ride around on one of the scooters.

Redford Township District Library Activities

There are many family events that include crafts, special guests such as magicians or animals, STEM activities, and movie days. Additionally, they host many storytimes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and reading clubs for school-age children.

The library offers Special Teen meet-up activities as well. There is even a separate reading area just for teenagers.

Vending machines are available along with an eating area if you need to get a quick bite to eat.

Furthermore, every Saturday on the upper level has Used Book Sales with some great books and more at super low prices.

Overall, the Redford Library is a great place to have some fun on those cold wintery days.

Summerlynn Moton
Author: Summerlynn Moton

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