Recently Updated Wildwood Park in Madison Heights

Visitor’s guide and photo gallery for Wildwood Park in Madison Heights. The park offers picnic tables, a playground, swings, and green space.

Wildwood Park
Address: 26476 Delton St, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: (248) 589-2294

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Photo Credit: Amber Louchart

Wildwood Park Location and Hours

Wildwood Park in Madison Heights is located at 26476 Delton Street, south of 11 Mile Road and East of John R.

This 1.8-acre park is open daily year-round from dusk until dawn.

new play structure at Wildwood Park in Madison Heights

Park Amenities

Wildwood Park is a small 1.8-acre neighborhood park that offers shady areas for picnics. The park also offers picnic tables and a newly renovated playscape. The playground has tons of places for kids to climb, slide, jump, and play.

Wildwood Park in Madison Heights

In addition to the main structure, there are several smaller elements for bouncing, climbing and spinning. Traditional and baby bucket swings are also available. There is even a portable restroom on site.

Wildwood Park Overview

Play Elements: a large play structure together with many smaller elements
Swings: standard swings coupled with baby bucket swings
Surface: wood chips as well as grass
Unique Features: spider web climbing element
Bathrooms: portable restroom
Drinking Fountain: no
Shade: yes
Pavilion:  no
Picnic Tables: Yes
Grills: no
Sports Fields: none
Walking Trails: none
Parking: street parking as well as a small lot
Tot Play Structure: no
Fenced in: no
Seating: yes, benches as well as picnic tables

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  • Wildwood Park recently updated playground renovation featuring brightly colored playground equipment, swings, climbing structures, and picnic tables.
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