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Reasons We Love Better Made Variety Packs:

Better Made Variety Packs make it easy to please everyone! They’re perfect for family gatherings, soccer practice, or any other occasion with a variety of cravings, and here are a few reasons why we love them:

Snacks & Lunches – Snack packaging offers portability and convenience and makes it easy to offer choices to the family on the go.
Variety – Better Made Variety Packs will bring a smile to everyone in the family with their famous Regular, Barbeque, and Sour Cream & Onion varieties. Additionally, the popcorn fans can select from Cheddar Cheese, White Cheddar, and Movie Theater flavors!
Portion Control – You can’t eat more than what’s in the bag! These single-serve packages not only make it easier to snack on the go, but they also provide a simple guideline for healthy eating. 
Made in Michigan – Founders Cross Moceri and Peter Cipriano set out to make better potato chips in 1930. Better Made survived the great depression and in the 1940’s, their current location on Gratiot became their home. Of the 20+ original potato chip companies in Detroit, Better Made is the only survivor!

Their History in Detroit

In 1930, several potato chip companies competed in Detroit for a piece of the market. In fact, over 20 potato chip manufacturers existed. However, today Detroit has only one company left, Better Made. “We started in Detroit and we are committed to remaining in the city,” says David Jones, President of Better Made.

Their commitment to creating the highest quality products is surely a key ingredient to their success. “We’re not trying to be the biggest, we’re trying to be the best!” says CEO, Sam Cipriano. “We’ve tried to make the best product possible, and that hard work paid off as we’re the last one standing.”

Better Made Today

Today, the Detroit-based snack company continues to develop and provide a wide variety of high-quality award-winning snack foods in Detroit. They currently offer 124 flavors and products that include a wide variety of potato chips and potato sticks, gourmet popcorn, pretzels, tortilla chips, as well as pork rinds!

It’s hard to believe that this Detroit-based company uses 60 million pounds of chip potatoes every year to produce their delicious products. What’s even more amazing is that the company uses Michigan potatoes for ten months of the year, and sources the best potatoes in the United States for the remaining two months.

Regardless of whether you prefer your snacks sweet, salty, or red hot, they have the perfect snack food for you! These chips make a perfect picnic or on the go snack your whole family will love.

Connect with Better Made

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Better Made recently celebrated their 90th Anniversary.

Tasneem Bhuiyan
Author: Tasneem Bhuiyan

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