Reasons Why I Choose Aqua-Tots

With Six Metro Detroit Locations to serve you in Canton, Novi, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills and Farmington Hills.

1. First and foremost the swimming program curriculum is top notch.  Aqua-Tots is an active member of the National Swim Association.   The Aqua-Tots team is continuously learning about best practices in various educational opportunities and the program is continuously adapted making Aqua-Tots one of the leaders in the swimming industry.  Children learn in an environment that focuses on safety first, with a curriculum that is highly effective and fun.

2. The Aqua-Tots coaches and team members really care about the families they serve.  From the coaches to the front desk to management, each member shows a genuine care for the children.  Whether it’s a huge smile and hello from the front desk or a celebratory high five when a student has met a task in the pool.  The care is genuine, and it is a huge part of my children’s swimming success.

3. The swim instructors are highly trained.  Each instructor goes through an intensive training program which includes classes, in-water training, CPR training, and rigorous testing before they teach their first lesson.  But the learning never ends, as instructors are continuously assessed and given feedback to hone their teaching skills and strategies.  Instructors can choose to advance their learning through various programs like the SNAP (Special Needs Aquatic Program) certification or they can train to become a master instructor. 

4. The swim instructors make modifications when needed to help individual students progress. The instructors have a great basic program for the students, but what really stands out is when they run into a student having difficulty with a specific task and they are called upon to make modifications to the program to help the student progress.   Just this week, Carlyn’s coach wanted to see her pick up her pace on one of her strokes.  She asked Carlyn what her favorite song was and sang to her to keep her pace going. And when the coach doesn’t have the answer, they work as a team to problem solve and come up with an individualized plan for that student.

5. The pool and facility are always clean and doesn’t show signs of wear.

6. The water is always warm (it’s kept at 88-90 degrees) so the students are comfortable in the water.

7. The classes are ongoing and year round. This means that your child moves up with they are ready and not when the session ends, so you aren’t stuck in the middle of levels when the session ends and wondering which level is a good fit.

8. Aqua-Tots offers a generous makeup policy.  When you call ahead and let the team members know you are going to miss a class you can make that class up on another day.  This applies to the regular swim classes but not to swim club or swim team.  Even more wonderful is that they offer so many classes throughout the week that make-up classes are easy to schedule.

9. They offer flexible scheduling.  Because they offer various classes at different levels throughout the week, it is easy to switch your swim days or times based on your schedule or your child’s progress. Flexible scheduling also allows for you to schedule multiple classes per week (I recommend at least two classes per week) or you can schedule a fast track clinic where your child will swim eight times over the course of two weeks which is perfect for the spring or early summer to get your child ready for summer swimming.

10. The ratio of students per instructor is always 4:1 or lower, which means more one on one attention and more learning time per class.

11. Feedback is given to the parents after each lesson in a quick chat with the coach and a digital swimming card that shows your child progress through their level.

12. Aqua-Tots offers so many great amenities to its guests like showers with soap, hair ties, hair dryers, lotion, baby wipes and so much more.  It’s nice to have all these items when you need them right at your fingertips.

13. Open Swim.  I love that open swim is just $10 per family.  It is a great way to burn some energy and spend some quality time together.  Open swim times vary based on location, so call your nearest Aqua-Tots location before you head out.

14. Convenient location.  We attend the Troy location which is right off of I-75 and minutes from our house.  I also love that they are in the midst of a shopping plaza and a bustling business district that makes finding a quick bite to eat on those busy days super easy.  There is a grocery store, plenty of restaurants, shopping and more all within a mile of this location, so making a stop on the way home is quick and easy, since we are already out.

Overall, there are so many reasons why we love Aqua-Tots and we know you will too.  Want to learn more about Aqua-Tots and experience a free class?  Call to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY in water evaluation and tour today.

More About Aqua-Tots

Teaching kids to swim has been the foundation of Aqua-Tots since they began. And today they still take special care to make sure their swim schools are a welcoming, comfortable and inviting place for kids of all ages at our Detroit area locations including Canton, Novi, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills and Farmington Hills. Aqua-Tots Swim Schools of Michigan offers swim classes for babies, toddlers, infants, kids, swim team, adults, and children with special needs at over 70 locations worldwide. With never more than 4 students per swim class, this intimate setting provides a great environment for children learning to swim. Call to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY in water evaluation and tour today.
Troy 248-845-4545
Sterling Heights 586-844-3633
Novi 248-845-4544
Canton 734-828-2000
Farmington Hills 248-537-4004
Auburn Hills 248-537-4005

Amber Louchart

Amber is the proud Homeschooling mother to four beautiful children, Damian (23), Rosaleigh (9), Carlyn (6), Naomi (3) and a wife to her loving husband, Chancellor. Her family also includes three cats. She loves being a stay-at-home mom and feels blessed to be able to care for her children full-time and provide them with so many opportunities through Metro Detroit Mommy.

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