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RAITA Savory Yogurt ~ A Michigan Mom Made Product

 Raita Savory Yogurt

What comes to mind when you think of yogurt? For me, I think of the typical Greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit.   My family loves yogurt  so when we had the opportunity to step outside the box and try a few complimentary RAITA Yogurt flavors, we immediately got excited.

RAITA Savory Yogurt puts a twist to yogurt with three unique Indian flavor blends to choose from. There’s Zesty Cucumber with Cilantro & Mint, Spicy Carrot with Cumin & Coriander and Tasty Tomato with Cumin & Coriander. All three taste as amazing as they sound!   Not only is RAITA Savory Yogurt tasty, it is also loaded with probiotics and protein.  Not to mention it’s a low calorie snack.

This is not your typical yogurt. It’s flavors are bold and if you like a little spice, I highly suggest the Spicy Carrot with Cumin & Coriander.  A personal favorite! I  think of RAITA Savory Yogurt as the perfect compliment to a healthy afternoon snack.  When my son gets home from school, he is so hungry! I like to prepare a light snack before dinner to hold him over until I can get dinner prepped. I decided to use the yogurt as a dip for fresh veggies and pita. It was a hit! He loved it!

The next day, I used the Zesty Cucumber with Cilantro & Mint as a spread for his sandwich.  Without a doubt, he ate the entire sandwich and I was happy to have a healthy alternative to mayo.

RAITA Savory Yogurt quickly became a favorite in our home for its delicious, bold flavors and healthy ingredients.  It also receives bonus points for being a Michigan Mom Made product.   Look for the colorful labels in your local grocery store.  Be sure to check out RAITA Savory Yogurt to learn more about the product and find a store that carries the yogurt near year.  And for fun check out more fun food pictures taken while sampling RAITA Savory Yogurt at Suburbia Mom.

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Danielle Andresen
Author: Danielle Andresen

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